In honor of Falco and a typhoon gone too soon

My job as a “gambling agent” (not exactly, although I operate a game of chance which is classified as, uh.. ok, gambling) still isn’t allowed under our Modified ECQ. I remain quarantined. Not that I’m complaining. I’m not in any fashion fascinated by my means of livelihood — I do it merely for the money. And with what we’re going through in these times, I doubt if my occupation is going to pull through our current predicament. I try not to worry about it. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Maybe after things had fallen apart, I could turn myself into a middle-aged street dancer and wait for pennies to drop in front while I do my moves. Right, like a panhandler. Oh, you’re allowed to laugh — I was kidding. ☺️

Yep, I’m doing one of the things I love best again. And I’m dancing to the beat of my most favorite rapper this time — the late Mr. Falco, from Vienna Austria, who was super cool and ultra talented. His other mega hits were Der Commissar and Rock Me Amadeus (another preferred dance song of mine).

Last Friday, a powerful storm swept over Metro Manila. It was quite refreshing. Cool strong winds I had let inside my small apartment through open windows. Hard rain fell the whole afternoon. But everything subsided a couple of hours before midnight. Gone too soon… Not a fan of the hellish summer season, I wish rainy days would come by more often.

My flicker, instagram, and tumbler accounts are full of selfies. To somebody who barely knows me and would run across my sites, they would undoubtedly deem me the ultimate narcissist endlessly battling midlife crisis. Not that I’m denying it. You already saw my videos and noticed I’m not at all a looker. I grew up hating almost all my photos bcz there was nothing I could do with my physical flaws and imperfections. Then came the celfones that could do magic. With them plus the aid of filter, I look so much better. Wow!.. My sister keeps telling me to stop applying Skin Smoothener. I’m like “Oh c’mon…” Nobody can stop a lady in her 50’s from doing what she wants now. Besides, I really like the illusion I create with my pics. So… 😊

I upload my videos on my flicker too: — in case my videos here aren’t working properly.

I didn’t want to include this coz I looked funny but I love what the electric fan was doing to my hair (like a slow mo). 🤩


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