Rest in Peace, my dearest Cobey

It’s actually my brother who owns Cobey. I don’t take care of dogs anymore because I live in a very tiny apartment which has no space for pets. Although I do have a cat that roams around inside my house so you could just imagine the few inconveniences for more than 16 years.

Cobey lived in my parent’s house which has been occupied by my brother and his family. I just love Cobey. And this morning, he passed away. My brother didn’t inform me the dog hadn’t been eating for days until last night when I asked how things are on Messenger. I was just about to go out to visit Cobey this morning when my brother called up to say the dog is gone. I was crushed. I cried so hard and wailed more, like a little girl, as soon as I sat down beside Cobey’s remains. I’ve been crying the whole day.

Many people here hardly comprehend what I’m made of. And I’ve long accepted I’m a different breed. The pain of losing Cobey today opened up long-buried sorrows from my dog-caring era. I guess my brother’s partner, my niece, and my little niece were surprised to see me weep that much. But it’s just the way I am. The last time I sobbed this way was (apart from my father’s demise) eight years ago when another pet dog of my brother died — and I was informed only after more than a week had passed. It devastated me enormously bcz I loved that previous dog (sweeter one) more dearly (His name was Murphy though I lovingly call him Doggy-dog).

The previous month, a flood of memories swept through me one night in bed — thinking some of my former pets that suffered before their end. Harrowing stuff from my yesteryears I wish to lay to rest and wouldn’t want to recall so I could get on with my life. Yes, if those difficult moments would rush in my mind, they still would hurt like hell. Again, it’s just the way I am.

My love for animals and pets is of the highest form. Above anything or anyone in this world. I don’t expect people to understand that. But it’s something everyone must know about me. In the past, I wished I weren’t this kind of person. But now I am certain, more than ever: it’s a truth I am proud to carry until my very last breath.

Rest in peace, Cobey. You also will never be forgotten. Now that you’re in animal heaven, give my love to Whitie, Doggie, BJ, Stacey, Champ, Lacey, Kim, Jokat, Skippy 1&2, your pal Doggie-dog — as well as all the others up there. I love you all so much. I hope to see you and be with you all there someday.


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