End Of One More Era

End of June this year, I folded up the source of livelihood I had run for more than 20 years — which makes me one of the many thousands of casualties of the current pandemic. I feel some relief it’s finally over nonetheless. I’ve never been proud serving as some kind of middleman for a gambling trade — even if it’s very much legal. This time there’ll be no turning back.

So what have I been doing these past few months? Not much. Just chilling out at home. It’s safer and cheaper. Oh and I’ve lost considerable amount of weight I’ve gotten virtually skinny. Never thought I’d become this light, even my hips and legs have decreased in size. Amazing. All because I discovered and have been following a lovable doctor who’s turned into a You Tube sensation — Dr. Eric Berg. Learned from him a great deal about intermittent fasting and very low-carb eating style. It worked for me! Many of my aches and pains disappeared, too. No doubt I look older now — an inevitable consequence of being skinny; yet I feel quite fine.
It’s like I’m a new person. Old job is gone and so is my old weight. Hah.

Don’t ask yet what my goals and next steps are. Everything’s up in the air. In the present condition we’re in, lots of things are uncertain. Maybe next year I’ll map out a definite life plan for the coming decade.

It’s nice to do a little bit of writing today. I admit my heavy loss yesterday brought in feelings of despair and sadness again — after their long absence. Events like this never fail to exhume old hurts over knowledge of sufferings gone through by whatever or whoever that’s dearest to me.
I’m gonna be okay though. As if I had another choice.

Oh I feel a little better when I come here — home of my heart and soul.


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