My New Eating Philosophy

Oh I’m still struggling. But what matters is I am armed with all this knowledge now.

Daily reminders to myself ( even though it’s hard):

Cut the sugar. Stay away from refined carbs and processed foods. NO SOFT DRINKS (my long-time addiction). No sweetest desserts (another addiction of mine).

Don’t overeat. No snacking. Steer clear of MSG in food stuff and dodge gluten products.

Avoid dairy. Very very limited red meat (total elimination is better). Strict restraint on fruit consumption — fructose in fruit is dangerous indeed. Not being keen anymore on synthetic vitamins.

Go grain-free as often as possible — drop the pasta, bread, cookies, rice, crackers, oatmeal, etc.

Oh, I give in to temptation every now and then. But my resolve to get back on track is strong. Is it worth it? Absolutely. I’ve always been on the plump side since my 20’s. I’m so much happier now with my lean look — aside from feeling more energetic and being pain-free.

I’m fortunate to like physical activity, exercise, eating vegetables, and not be a coffee lover.

I intend to live longer and enjoy my remaining years.

My current health aids.


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