Powerhouse Hacks on Food Consumption — part 1

Both my parents were killed by type2diabetes. They were clueless as to the proper foods to consume and which ones to totally stay away from so carbs, sugar, and seed oils wouldn’t destroy their health. If I knew then the things I know now, I could’ve probably helped or even saved them. The problem is I suffered for decades from various physical ailments, too, bcz of my ignorance in the field of nutrition. These days I’m still a work in progress when it comes to propelling my eating habits and exercise routines to excellence. Plus I also intend to release here blog entries of the notes I’ve gathered through months of research for documentation purpose.

Fruits today are hybrids, genetically engineered to become sweeter — purely for commercial aims. Fructose from fruits can only be stored in the liver, and the liver dealing with a great deal of fructose has deleterious consequences.

My mother was crazy about sweet fruits such as yellow mangoes, bananas, melons, papaya, etc. She’d often consume them without limit in a single meal, thinking they were healthy foods because they’re simply fruits.

When she reached her 70’s, her cognitive dysfunctions got worse. She’d often act like a lunatic, and we had no idea why. My brother, sister, and I thought it was part of aging badly. Looking back, there’s no doubt all the sugar that accumulated inside her system annihilated her good brain cells. It led to other diseases that suddenly ended her life.

Remember hard: All carbs turn into sugar when digested. Moreover, there is no essential carbohydrate, unlike the other two macronutrients.


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