A YouTube crush that turned me lyrical — again

He’s Mexican and a bodybuilder. Is there anything substantial between his ears? I guess so. He’s very talkative in his videos (speaking straight verbal Latin), i.e., when he isn’t doing push-ups, pull-ups, handstand or jumping rope (that’s his specialty). And I really don’t care much if he’s your typical muscled-dumb dude. Btw, he’s hardly fluent English-wise. Never mind, just look at the body 😍. Ooo la la…

The truth is when I first laid eyes upon him, his looks somehow brought to mind somebody I had kissed (don’t be literal) online a long time ago. I ‘dunno… When I was younger, bearded guys never appealed to me. My taste must’ve evolved.

Anyway, this guy, let’s call him Gerardo, which by the way is his actual first name, used to be mega heavy on the weight scale. He had pics with his former girlfriend who happened to be plump as well. For whatever reason, he made the best decision to transform himself into a dreamhunk. The girl couldn’t keep up with his strong will and determination to become super fit she simply disappeared in the videos that followed. Gerardo Alejandro has turned into a YouTube sensation. He’s had his ups and downs but resilience seems to be one of his strong qualities.

Okay now, back to what all this has done for me. You already know, I get motivated to write when someone inspires me. Since I have a mild crush on Mr. Muscled guy, I figured I’d better take advantage of my silliness so I could write short romantic lines once more. I came up with just a few, and posted them on the comments section of his channel without sacrificing my anonymity on YouTube. He clicked Like on my every comment which also usually included positive remarks over his video’s content. Win-win for both of us.

But here’s the recent twist: I’ve a strong feeling (I’m a sharp woman, you know) he’s just fallen in love with a pretty Mexican model with whom he currently collaborates with on his workout videos. That, of course, feels like having cold water pouring down on me. I can’t continue what I’ve been doing for weeks — writing and sending lyrical phrases. It surely is gonna be awkward this time. So, my Muse has just walked out the door.

I deleted more than a couple of my most recent comments to him and decided to instead publish here some of the lines I’d written.

Here, the ones I wrote for Mr. Muscle:

My love, what language must I speak so you can hear what I feel?

A vision of you is like a touch to my heart by the morning light.

The only certainty I hold are the lyrics this heart sends to you.

Roses bloom not one nor two but three, for each breath I take when I look at you.

Your face in my palm/ I kiss in scented wish/ as tonight the moon unlocks/ the words that will meet you here.

This one below I wrote today as my farewell line w/c of course I won’t be sending towards his site anymore:

I write this across a nightsky that has done the crying for me, as I see you being pulled up by the stars to a space beyond my grasp.

Silly verses, you most probably think. Well at least I’ve been writing. 🙂

You know, I read my lyrical attempts from way way back — kind of reminiscing. I realized I didn’t write so bad. I was actually good. And that’s a mere personal opinion of mine.

That’s him from more than a couple of years back (on FB). I couldn’t copy his most recent images on instagram. His physique is even much better looking these days. Ooh, ‘watta body… 🤩


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