A Tagalog song I’d searched for decades but found only now

This is what a traditional Filipino love ballad sounds like. Often dramatic… but I loved it. It became my all-time favorite Tagalog song when I was in my late teens because, for my taste, everything blended beautifully : the lyrics, melody, rhythm, and the vocals. I didn’t know both the title and the name of the songstress then as I only heard it being played on FM radio. The whole day yesterday I made big guesses until luck finally led me to this song.

The song tells of a woman’s deep regret for having been unfaithful in her younger years. No, it doesn’t apply to my life. I’d been love’s victim most of the time 😀.

I’ll try to translate the lyrics into English and in poetic form so I’ll be updating this post every once in a while.

Okay, here goes the translation– to the best of my ability:

Desperation overcomes me

In my solitary existence now

As memories that I try to run away from

Call back past loves that slipped from my hands one by one

Repentance is all that’s left

When I think of yesterdays I had carelessly spent in the arms of many

Guilty as a sinner that I am

Heaviest tears the price I’ve paid

with deepest sorrow that only serves right

For someone like me who had been untrue.


Anyway, these days I think I might be falling in love again. A secret for now. No, not with the same asshole. Somebody new — I hope. Why the words “I hope?” Coz man, I need to be in love to be able to write corny verses once more.

I’ll be back. Just wait.


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