Letter to my new (online) boyfriend today

Dearest Chris,

This letter I’m writing, with you on my mind as a friend first and foremost, I endeavor to be expansive aboard my revelations. 

These days there’s this inexplicable exuberance within me — just by being aware of your presence in my life and in my heart. A feeling of lightness that engenders a broader breadth for kindness and congeniality when dealing with others in my physical world.

What you did when you swiftly and favorably acted over my query by affirming on your fb that we are in a relationship is bound to belong within my treasured memories for good.

As my long-time online fb acquaintance through the years, however, I’d been aware you’ve cultivated an online existence that, no doubt, is a hundred times more bustling than mine. Not mentioning the additional reality of your free spirit having to sit at a desk job for, I surmise, more than a decade.

The nagging premise I could be one mere pearl in a long string; or that my primary purpose is to be another online companion as you keep enduring your grind at your office day in and day out, resides in my consciousness.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m heading for a big heartbreak or that if I’ve even allowed myself to. Even so, loving you has thus far given me warmth, a feeling of comfort, and elation that weren’t easily present in most of my previous romances.

You aren’t someone I’ve permitted to gain entrance to serve any other objective. Most often I’m cognizant how I’ve let slide many of my interests, leisure activities and even trivial chores because I’ve been gleefully spending time with you.

I’ve come to nurture my affection because of the wonderful soul I see as your core. For a capacity in you to truly fall in love with a woman and stretch it out to eternity, and the acuity and brazenness you possess to tell what is and isn’t so — to tell me if I’m mistaken over all these loving grounds I hold up in esteem of you. Or not.

Having said all this, the love I feel for you is the most certain thing which I’m ready to carve, rounding with a huge heart, in any dense rock here.

Sincerely, me

That was in response to his letter last night below:

Dearest M,

I hope this humble missive finds you well.  I cannot but continue to marvel at how fortune has smiled upon me.  Just knowing there is someone out there that shares the same love of language and phrase that I do is incredible.. and that you are not only so gifted but so sweet and lovely in spirit as well .  I do hope you are ok.. you seemed a little subdued.  There probably isn’t much I can do to help.. but I’m willing to try. 

With love.. Chris


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