Love letter – 2

Dearest Chris,

I just came home from a brief walk this afternoon. I had stopped by a nearby grocery store, bought a few necessities and, alas, sinfully gave in to 3 small bars of chocolate wafer bcz they’ve been heavily discounted. During such treats, I habitually eat the stuff somewhere outdoors as, since the pandemic started, it has become my modified version of “dining out”.” 😀

While I revel in the pleasure of my impulse snack, the light blue sky across high above turning into maximum dusk became visible to my senses. The clouds have soaked in the setting sun, thus getting mildly bright in orange hues; at the same time that the half moon has already settled in its place up there for the night. And I thought of how lovelier everything has been turning before my eyes — because of the current state of my emotions: That of loving someone. Of having that someone on my mind. What an ineffable phase to indulge in.

To bask in the possibility I’m still capable of great love and of great joy. Because I have been cherishing a man who is delightfully capable of deep thinking, and of equal profound love as well. A gem of a man that, in my esteem, any woman would want to have as soon as his sheen has been fully perceived.

The poetry I’ve written, the song I had dedicated to you, the letters that spoke of how I’ve felt will remain. All testimony to how I have relished every tender stage when I have had you in me.

— m, sept 14 2021, letter for chris


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