Short Love Note – 3


By now you must know how flawed and imperfect I am. Yet I could sense how much you’re still willing to stay.
Many a time I ran out of words to express how you’ve turned out to be my closest thing to heaven.
What it feels like not to be so all alone most of the time. How this love feels so right because it mostly feels easy and light.
I gave in to a force which has made me write once more. Not because it hurts to love, but because I’m happy in love.
While you keep lighting up the corners of my room
Love and pain might take place
Yet I feel no wound
and no scar is there to touch.


marj, 07oct2021

And how I will always remember these words you had said in the past:
“The breeze can be just right.
Let the winds blow your soul clean.”

A photo he took from one of his motorbike journeys


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