Goodbye to a Most Heartbreaking Year, Hello to More Hope and Joy

I’d like to think of myself as strong-willed and tougher than average, because I am my father’s daughter. Losing two of my dearest ones this past 2022, however, punched a deadly hole in my heart which, no doubt, I’d carry for eternity.

Everything I’ve held precious in life has been slipping away from my fingers, one by one. My youth, my looks, my possessions, and most importantly, my cherished family members (human and non-human).

Perhaps now I can say I have fully lived — not merely existed… mainly for the cup of Life I have had to drink down to its very dregs.

Still, I am determined, like before, to go as far as I can — wherever fate takes me. My renewed relationship with God will see me through. While I trust both hope and joy would continue their linger in each of my today and tomorrow.
Happy New Year to all! 🌱🌈❤️


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