Money Style of Mine

I don’t have heaps of it. You’re reading the blog of a practically poor female blogger, to be frank with you. Still I can talk about the topic above because money is a necessary evil in people’s lives (including mine). Besides, I used to be an accountant. Yes money can buy some comfort but definitely not (my) happiness (I’d always choose love over bucks although there’s invariably room to change my mind 🙂 ). Don’t you think I like not having it in spite of the fact I’m more of a saver than a spender.

A credit card isn’t something I want to get used to carrying around. Many years in the past, some plastic money occupied a space in my wallet until it got discarded by me as I figured I could get by without one. The continuous slight temptation to purchase inessential items must be done away with.

The other day, though, I applied for a credit card again. Because I plan to indulge in occasional journeys and have been anticipating a situation when I might need it in case of an emergency far away from home. The last time I gallivanted to a few sites in Central Europe, my sister who was my travel companion, used her rectangular cards for the two of us. I simply reimbursed her in cash. It would be foolish, however, of me to depend on her like that repeatedly. Plus, maybe solo traveling will be included in my agenda someday soon.

I’ve never bought anything on the internet. You need a credit card for that, right? Accordingly, I don’t know the procedure on how peeps do business online. Yeah, you must be thinking I just stepped down here from the remotest mountains… A few of my former blog pals, in addition, weren’t happy with the Luddite in me who couldn’t buy the books they’d promote on their blogs.

No assets whatsoever are attached to my name or considered my possession; I’ve got none. I have no liabilities either and detest borrowing and loaning dough to anyone (Such transactions damage all kinds of relationships). The (almost rent-free) roof over my head has been attributable to my sister’s generosity. Our father bequeathed the family house to her and simply handed my younger brother and me some money a couple of decades ago. Real estate market boomed and property prices skyrocketed; while the value of peso dramatically plummeted. Hence, my brother and I got much poorer; our elder sister got so much richer.

Not being chained to both substantial and trivial belongings has been liberating anyway. I used to have a car yet I gave it away (to my sister) and never missed maintaining that (problematic) vehicle made in Korea (ugh). There’ll come a time in one’s life when proprietary rights to material stuff veers to become an encumbrance. Or perhaps that’s just the free spirit or the staunch bohemian in me speaking.

Another thing: Weeks ago, when I was suffering from the unexpected activation of my stomach acidity due to my irregular sleep patterns (and milk tea, Coke, spicy and sour edibles, etc.), it dawned on me there’s such a thing as fatal ulcer(?) and I might suddenly die from it(?). All I could think of was “I should have at least enjoyed the li’l money I saved from teaching English to moronic ‘Ks’.” I’ve always felt insecure financially and have tried to perpetually beat the corrupt economic system by being thrifty and a wise spender – and all for what?

But I had also splurged on particular instances. Like when I flew business class to London, or when I bought three small computers (why the hell did I do that!?) within a year, or when I ate at a costly buffet restaurant (even though I’m not a big eater) every weekend for two straight months. Basically, I get nervous at the thought of losing everything, every penny, and go starving, ending up begging for coins along the streets to feed myself in the future. In contrast, sometimes I wish I weren’t as disciplined and prudent regarding monetary matters.

There’s a growing hunch in me I’m gonna die totally penniless… and, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t sound so bad.

By the way, this September, I am going to Norway. Yehey!


Autumn in Bergen, Norway.  Photography by cittyhopper2, Tumbler