A Sentiment I Shared on Percy Bysshe Shelley’s FB Page

It’s a Facebook group I had joined not too long ago and nowadays there’s no other FB page I religiously follow and view. There are a few members who, like me, believe Mr. Shelley is the secret co-author of the Frankenstein novel. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the controversial book “The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein” although I wish I could. The current woke culture, however, wouldn’t hear any of it and thrashed the idea Mary Shelley indeed got enormous creative assistance from her husband. Below is my comment in a thread several days ago.

“I share the same opinion Percy Bysshe Shelley contributed heavily not just to the plot but to the writing of Frankenstein as well. And that he deserved recognition for his substantial input. The fact that he wanted Mary to get all the credit for the novel made me think highly of him even more. He might be known only for his poems, yes, — which were brilliant and exceptional, nevertheless. Percy is one of a kind — yet very much underrated.

Mary Shelley’s account of the novel’s birth in her intro (if we refer back to it) for Frankenstein is of no dispute to me. Her disclosure, too, she wasn’t alone and received appreciable counsel during the writing stages of her masterpiece was revealing enough. The extent of Percy’s contribution we would never know — Percy and Mary took it to their graves. The bestowal of Frankenstein’s sole or full authorship to her was also Percy’s choice and that settled all the issue, imo. I have read all his correspondences and a handful of Mr. Shelley’s biographies including articles from his detractors. They could say some things against the gifted poet. One point, though, they couldn’t challenge: Percy had been a highly supportive husband of his wife’s talents.”

If Percy were indeed this handsome


In the movie Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley was portrayed by the very good-looking Douglas Booth. I watched him in the most recent Romeo and Juliet adaptation and I thought “what a hottie and not a bad actor.”

Mary Shelley was originally titled A Storm in the Stars. The change was due to political correctness which is all about empowering women these days (to the point it makes me want to puke).


To make matters worse, Percy Bysshe Shelley wasn’t favorably depicted in the film. I learned he was made to look like he was conceited, a misogynist, and even abusive. I still have to watch Mary Shelley to see for myself (if it’s true).


I can’t understand the way people think nowadays. If Mr. Shelley had an attitude (which had been exaggerated by, no doubt, the hypocrites), so did everybody who was cerebral, highly talented, affluent, and good-looking. How have we arrived at a state where everyone is expected to be perfect in all aspects? To boot, Percy Bysshe Shelley lived in the early 19th century when all men were misogynist. All men, you morons. 😀

Not crazy about the flick but WW’s boyfriend was hot

An FB post a couple of days ago: Perhaps I shouldn’t have scanned through all those gushing reviews online before watching the movie earlier this afternoon because it probably shot my hopes up a bit high. (Spoiler Alert?) Nearly all of the best scenes had already been incorporated in its trailers. Although the movie was well made, the tiresome formulaic climax of one-on-one battle with an evil god or monster — which enforces mayhem and burning all around and the hurling of whatever heavy stuff nearby — made me want to slump on my seat. Still, the onscreen chemistry between the two lead characters is delightful; Gal Gadot is credible as Wonder Woman; and Chris Pine’s acting, plus that sight of him getting out and going down from the bathtub is definitely worth my time and theater fee.

Having watched all the other superhero flicks, I had expected WW to diverge from those old motifs and offer sth different or original. Oh the world war 1 setting, the Amazons, the acting, etc. were all very good but on the whole, there was nothing quite exceptional about the film I could later muse on. IMHO, Captain America-1 was a lot better and so were some of the past Marvel movies.

I liked the London arrival sequence — how well it showed her unfamiliarity with then 20th century and the big reveal scene in “No Man’s Land” together with the film’s many humorous and charming scenes. The romance could’ve been sweeter, though. And (spoiler alert!) Steve’s character should’ve been extended for one more installment.
What I really want to say is that I love love love Chris Pine in this movie. He can do either comedy or drama splendidly. What an outstanding talent. And oh, those blue eyes….

Image result for google image of Chris Pine as Steve Foster in WonderwomanImage result for google image of Chris Pine as Steve Foster in Wonderwoman

Brief thoughts on the U.S. Elections


This presidential race has become vicious, not to mention ridiculous. That the press was able to direct the sheep’s attention from a public servant’s official wrongdoing to an eleven-year-old tape of an alpha male brag is just preposterous.

I have wanted to see a woman occupying the highest post in the mightiest nation on the planet. But not this one. Not Hillary Clinton. Why? She committed malfeasance — so technically she’s a criminal. And it’s unthinkable that a criminal gets to rule the world.

Anti-Trump Republicans, Mormons, plaster saints, and other versions of NeverTrumpers seem to be more consumed by their own egos and posturings they keep on sending off their high opinions of their own opinions all over social media, accentuating their IQs and “standards” that, they imply, are too prominent (for them) to support Donald Trump.

Let me insert a massive eye roll here.

But I won’t be giving up on this one, win or lose.

kudos to the last man standing

Will he make it to the White House? Probably not. But as of the moment, I am in raptures — a far cry from the times I felt apprehensive Trump wouldn’t likely make it as the GOP nominee.

Pure common sense. In the beginning, sixteen contenders must be annihilated in a matter of months. As the series of debates manifested of his lack of genius not to mention of sophisticated parlance which, in contrast, his rivals enjoyed being uppity about, he resolved to continue wielding an unprecedented style that reflected his authentic persona, astoundingly eliminating political correctness in its wake. Things turned rougher and rougher; a vicious battle fought wherein he swatted left and right and squirted toxins — until all his opponents dropped dead like flies or bugs. One by one. :-)

They might gripe all they want over how it was contended yet the protocol of awarding the prize at the end of the contest to the victorious competitor must be upheld. Hence, forswear the fuss and bestow the nomination. Quick.

The Donald as the last man standing. Truly my kind of guy.

Image: Donald Trump


Indifference versus Devotion to Politics

Who are you going to vote this May?” they ask me. “I’m not” is my curt answer. “Oops, we forgot. Geena is voting for POTUS!” Ha ha you faddy hoots. Now leave me alone.

The problem is I didn’t register. I was extremely busy months ago and wouldn’t want to waste a particular Saturday waiting in line for hours to be able to renew my privilege in selecting the next leaders who won’t be able to save our country anyway. The nation has for numerous generations been in deep shit and there’s scarcely light at the end of the tunnel especially for the grass roots. No, it’s not all the government’s fault; the people are to blame, too. Filipinos have been marked by certain character flaws which work to our very detriment: inside our territory we basically do not like being disciplined. Plus we can be too stubborn and dramatic.

In addition, the complications of lack of education or enlightenment have led to our unmanageable population growth and, for the lord of Batman, I don’t get why we go on electing and reelecting bird-brained movie/TV stars, useless over-the-hill politicians and keep building and supporting their political dynasties. Corruption rules to boot. Yes, we’re that lost and beyond hope.

Although if I had my pick, I’d want the tough willful Duterte guy to become the next president; The Philippines desperately needs an ultimate strong-arm chief executive right now.

In the other half of the globe, the recent update on Trump being ganged up (again) by Ted the puppet and Kasich the ick bugs me. And still, after all this time, I’m perplexed by the posture of many who go like “Oh I belong to the class of the intellectual elites, therefore, I must be anti-Trump.” The hypocrisy.

No matter what they say, I adore the man and am loyal to him. It pains me knowing they’re never allowing my favorite candidate that seat in the White House. I’ve no doubt he’s sincere in his mission to make America great again. If you’re a member of the “Never Trump” movement, we’d better not talk about it. I’ve already discussed enough my stand during my countless defense of the frontrunner on several sites. My ties with a long-time co-blogger and a new one had already been severed for that reason. If I had to make a choice, you know the billionaire would always win hands down.

I voice these things over here; it’s my blog. Comprende? 🙂


So Trump Will Never Become President After All

It’s getting clear my favorite U.S. presidential candidate isn’t going to make it.

Therefore there’s no stopping the browning of America, too. No border wall is gonna be built. Ever. Illegal immigration will remain out of control.

It seems the Americans simply have gotten so used to their voting ways through numerous generations — in spite of how fed up the citizens are with the system and with the career politicians who have been betraying them by contributing to their homeland’s decay. We’re talking of a country that has been losing its footing as the most affluent and mightiest on the planet; a country where political correctness and obligatory openhandedness have infuriated the silent majority in a progressive order.

Trump’s delivery rankles admittedly.  Sure I winced at some of the things he had asserted to garner free publicity. Yet he could also be the U.S.’s last hope. His passion and love for his motherland might serve well in his vow to make America great again.

The thing is, the game might already be rigged, to boot, as what Fiorina has recently stated. How can a single billionaire go against the pack of (other) billionaires who have always been behind the scenes in running the state?

Same old same old — that’s how it’s meant to stay.

That’s my billionaire boyfriend. Ooops, sorry, Melania. I just can’t help it. 🙂

Win or Lose, Trump Has My Love and Support

How refreshing to watch Trump’s popularity defy the belief held by many that intellectual elitism and political correctness are always superior to the wishes of the grass roots of America. I believe the current GOP frontrunner has the potential to bring to the table what the previous career politicians with “flawless speech and manners” weren’t able to in securing the welfare of the U.S. citizens. Besides, only Trump can crush Hillary, if she ends up as the Dem nominee. She should be indicted for her misdemeanors during her reign as Secretary of State, in the first place. It’s Bernie Sanders that Trump may find challenging to beat. I like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as well (for the principal reason that they aren’t bad-looking — yeah right, so sue me) plus I think Rand Paul and Ben Carson are cute — but, sorry, my heart is already owned by the billionaire. I fervently hope the Donald wins the Iowa caucus this February.

I have spent time on the comment threads of Yahoo U.S. news as I find the coming U.S. 2016 Presidential elections more exciting than ours (which will also be held this year). Many anonymously-named participants had been sharing their excellent views and humorous remarks on the candidates. For this post, I just have to immortalize the silliest, unforgettable ones (anti-Trump, though) that made me chuckle hard.


The Coronation of King Trump I is now inevitable!

Simultaneously, Crown Prince Eric Trump and Crown Princess Ivanka Trump will be installed in the kingdom of Trump!

Long live Your Majesty, King Trump!


Jesus: turned water into wine
Reagan: turned ketchup into a vegetable
Trump: turned Reince Priebus into a puddle of tears


Upon learning that Ben Carson challenged him to a WWE Cage Match, Donald “The Orangutan” Trump had this to say: “You think I’m afraid of “Stabby McHammer” Carson? Give me a break. Give me a break. He can try, he can try to put a Yale lock inside a stocking, and try to “slock” me with it, but I have a great mind. I’m Too Quick. I’m too quick. I’ll go this way, I’ll go that way, I’ll go the other way, he can’t, he can’t touch me. And I’ll catch him off guard, too. Carly Fiorina will be ringside, and if “Stabby” gets close to me, I’ll yell “Look at that face!!” and he’ll turn, he’ll turn and look, and “Medusa” Fiorina will turn Carson into stone!


People, listen to Trump! He is our savior! Besides preventing 9/11, he also would have: landed a man on the moon in 1943; faced down the devastating 2004 and 2011 Tsunami’s by blowing hot air at them; cured cancer; discovered how life began; found a way to make Mexico disappear; told Adam not to take a bite of Eve’s apple; discovered electricity before anyone else; freed the slaves before they got here; discovered America 2 years before Columbus and so many other things. Thank you God for creating Donald Trump. But why did you wait so long? 


When we are attacked by tentacled Martian Invaders–let’s hope Trump is safely in Air Force One coordinating the ground assault forces. We can’t allow the tentacled Martians to be victorious. General Trump will lead us to victory. All we need now is some tentacled Martians to appear on the horizon before the election.


Bill and Hillary were driving home from her “road trip” when Hillary asks her husband to stop the car. There was a baby skunk lying at the side of the road, and she got out to see if it was still alive. It was, and she said to Bill, “It’s nearly frozen to death. Can we take it with us, get it warm, and let it go in the morning?”
Bill says, “OK, get in the car with it.”
Hillary says, “Where shall I put it to get it warm?”
Bill says, “Put it between your legs. It’s nice and warm there.”
“But what about the smell?” asked Hillary.
Bill says, “Just hold its little nose.”
Bill is expected to recover, but the skunk she used to beat him with died at the scene.


Well, look at that: A line of the most debonair presidential hopefuls ever. I could marry anyone of them, you know. But count out Christie and Huckabee and Kasich, please. I’ve got my standards. 🙂

This PC Overkill That No Doubt Fosters Mob Mentality and Curbs Freedom of Speech

Ridiculous. That’s initially what I have to say.

Previous Nobel Prize recipient Tim Hunt made the mistake of spouting publicly his sexist opinion and was unmercifully crucified in the aftermath — it cost him his job as well.

This political correctness thing has gone way too far, I think, especially when the penalty is disproportionate to the deed; When the punishment results to the person’s plunge and ruin.

This uproar over Hunt pretty much evokes what happened years ago to a lady named Justine Sacco who had posted (innocently—before her bedtime) a “supposed racist joke” on Twitter. She suffered unreasonably as a consequence, went through a traumatic experience, and furthermore got fired from her job. An outrageous substantiation of a lunatic mob jurisdiction, I say.

But back to Mr. Hunt who had had the following observation: Three things happen when [girls] are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry.”

What does it matter whether Hunt executed it as a joke or as a candid pronouncement during a conference speech? He obviously spoke from experience. Don’t men and women fall in love at work? Don’t most women typically cry on the job when they’re criticized? Who can deny the hint of truth to his argument on the value of lab segregation to facilitate an uncomplicated atmosphere, thus dodging the impact of male-female hormonal drives in the workplace?

The reactions, including those “distractingly sexy” photos of female science workers that ensued were over the top — not to mention the accusations and mischaracterizations in view of the noted scientist.

It seems one isn’t entitled to express a sheer honest or unconventional sentiment anymore. Next thing you know, one also can’t be successful in their field and have their own mind at the same time. Why? Because the cyber bullies, the 24/7 media, and the rest of the “ME” generation are oh so ready to magnify and pounce at every instance they get offended, or at any provocation, or at any voicing out or appeal that does not pay lip service to popular causes out there.

Hypocrisy at its optimum extent. “Who is without sin casts the first stone.” May we each look at ourselves more often in the mirror. Anyone who claims they haven’t an ounce of bigotry flowing through their veins is lying. Nobody among us can be that pristine, unprejudiced, and in possession of quintessential compassion for all humanity.

As for me, I’ve no problem being counted as a feminist—owing to my conviction men and women should enjoy the same privileges in life. But may I not become the type of feminist devoid of any sense of humor; May I not become the feminist who has completely lost the art of the good old-fashioned eye roll. 

On account of Hunt’s and Sacco’s cases (plus the oppression I’ve witnessed on FB and our blogworld), I’m currently adjusting to the impression social media already has this much sinister power; to the realization it’s indeed one of the cons the internet era has landed on.

What an absurd world we live in now.