Beige Reality

Half a world away from them all. With such location functioning as my shelter, my ordinary existence — through an ether that unites inhabitants across freeways — is suited to join the rising sun for everyone to see. Yet there’s no distance the mind and soul cannot reach. What can they perceive that’s beyond my outline of intended exposure? How do they sometimes just magically gain the key to the secret doors of my inner traits and psyche?

There remains a mission in me to search for any flash that could prompt a few thoughts, a series of lines, even a single one; steadily waiting for that jet of blue flame that might yield a sensitive, sound pretty script for these pages.

Any analysis, however, by Facebook or Twitter or Tumbler of my being would be futile. I am old now. What purpose could it probably serve? I simply hanker for peace, ease, and a li’l writing piece. I hope that’s not too much to ask.


RECENT FB POST: I was at my happiest in that land, where I felt I truly belong — in the sense everything about the place could foster my identity, spirit and the many fancies within my heart .

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A frustrated guitar player that I’d been, I was relentless about my son continuing his guitar and piano lessons (he’s naturally talented) because — one of the primary reasons — I couldn’t get enough of the mainly guitar music of the 70’s band Bread. I had wished for him to play this song for me one day — it didn’t happen πŸ™‚ . Anyway the plucking, the lyrics and the melody render it as one of the most memorable.
I found a diary underneath a tree, and started reading about me.
The words she’d written took me by surprise.
You’d never read them in her eyes […]
Her meaning now as clear as sea…
The love she waited for was someone who’s not me.”

randomly out of touch

We keep missing the nighttrain that could transport us to a past

when the same unfeeling hearts

had repeatedly walked up that spiral of emptiness.

Backward in sentiment, undemonstrative no less

with each new region that has been formed

in comfort, in warmth, in mystery.

Now why should I fumble for certainty

at something you and I have no liberty to know.


– geena April 2017


Recent FB post: me and my boyfriend — a match made in the galaxy 😍. But there’s no way telling Mr. Starlord — or we’re finished. 🀣

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A once upon a time favorite from JLo:
I’m happy to say, in a lot of ways you changed me
Makes me smile/ when you said you were glad the day
you found me
I’m wishing away/ any harm that might ever find you
Heaven knows, I really feel I’ll always be your girl.

recently more active on facebook

but the posts are largely not for public audience. They’re viewed by a select few — mostly by strangers from the west who I could relate to more or less. I mean, aside from them, the bulk of my FB pals are, you know, peeps I have very little in common with. Get what I mean? πŸ™‚

Most Recent FB post:

Far from the real thing, I know. But I’m pathetic Β . Anything here that smacks of the splendid ambience of Europe fascinates me. And the mall’s stylish floorings and glistening water were delightful. Plus that was indeed the full moon up there. Anyone has probably come to discern the Big U had placed me in the wrong terrain — which (again) renders this type of post unfit for public spectacle. 😎

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At the Venice Grand Canal Mall, Taguig, Bonifacio Global City last weekend.


“Josie’s on a vacation far away…” The opening lyric had captured my whim enough for it to earn a spot on my list of favorite songs.

I’ve been given this precious life

And I appreciate it still — to the fullest. I’m doing alright; what have I to complain about.

I was happiest in that land, where I felt I truly belong — in the sense everything about the place could foster my identity, spirit, and the many fancies within my heart.

Getting out of bed can be a struggle at certain times I admit. (Btw, this isn’t my bedroom. it was in Clarion Hotel in Norway. What’s that thing below my eye? Drat. photo ek ek stuff)

Today is a special day for me. I’m simply glad to be alive.

Traveling is the only goal left for me now. With very limited resources, well, gotta be picky the next (and most probably the last) time.

There is always something left to love.”
―from One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel GarcΓ­a MΓ‘rquez

Prague will have to wait then


The original plan was for me to visit Czech Republic and three or four of its nearby countries this year but the travel agencies have been raising their prices and peso to dollar is on its way up, too. I should’ve shopped for an Eastern European promo tour like I did for my Norway trip. Why didn’t I… Drat…I really wanted to see Prague.

I guess I’ll have to wait until next year. Meanwhile, I’m on tenterhooks as to who will win the U.S. Presidential race. My heart will break badly if Trump loses but even the headlines here are anticipating a Clinton victory. Drat drat drat.

And, yeah, I should get busy writing again.



lovely brief September tale

Sunny charm. Vibrant smile. Wonderful presence. It took me a li’l while to really appreciate them all. You may not look like the ideal prince a girl falls for. But what a guy.

I’ve long forgotten how a man could be capable of treating me with pure designs of friendship, with tenderness, and a gentle comprehension of what I truly am. For so long I’ve gotten used to the usual opposite gender’s conceit, sluggish mean spirits and shady intents.

It seems this Scandinavian paradise is granting me more than just a view of its celestial backdrops.

Same age, same situation — yet we came from different worlds. You easily surrender to the radiance of a single moment. The light of the sun comes across whichever path you walk through. You can surround yourself with equally amiable acquaintances you’ll sincerely consider and embrace as family in a matter of days. That much faith in life and in people is something I quite lack or may have lost somewhere in my past.

You said you’re perplexed by the fact I’ve been using my camera at each chance, leaving no occasion for interaction with you and the rest of our mates. I smile and mutter some lame reason and ask for pardon, only to excuse myself a few seconds after because I’m constantly on the run for opportunities to take in the vistas, the sounds and sights of the surroundings and its natives at our every destination.

Well, I’m back to my reality now. In my hand is the tiny paper where you scribbled your name and number, recalling that moment when you told me to find you on that social media page. And I did. It surprised me to find the rushly-taken snapshot of us displayed on your timeline. Privately, I managed to explain myself to you – my behaviour during the trip. You said β€œno worries.” You also said you wish for me to come to New Jersey so you can show me around your city. Then we’ll do New York, Philly, and Boston.

And I thought to myself OMG… What would I say? β€œLet me think about it” was my response. Although deep down I already knew: It’s never going to happen.

In the few instances we were able to hold a conversation, you seemed to grasp the kind of nature I keep that the good soul in you has been trying to understand.

I wonder how long it’ll take before you realize how utterly broken I am. Will you be able to carry on looking at me with those kind blue eyes and undertake to scoop me up with your warm benevolent ways?

In the end, I guess you will never know how you will forever be a beautiful part of this whole experience. An exquisite cherished thought in the serene realm of this September tale.


My most favorite from Lionel Richie became a song I lovingly dedicate in memory of my father. His birthday is coming this October.

Norway vacation (5)

Vacation pictures again — ad nauseum, I know i know. But I’m not in the mood to write and I have to store my vacation photos somewhere so bear with me. πŸ™‚

Ferry rides and cruises are a must when traveling around Norway to enjoy its scenery
I don’t know about them but it becomes chilly every now and then.
that’s leftover ice from winter on top of the mountain


outside Oslo City Hall
the biggest stave church in Norway with the cemetery in front
Okay, so I got fond of taking selfies I confess.
the prettiest policewomen patrolling around Oslo city centre








Btw, Norwegians like to eat fish which is quite fine with me.


their desserts were to die for.