My Lyrical Attempts

Dearest ever metaphor
rays from the sun down
to the pearl of my verse
No one have I kissed 
more deeply 
on this silent field 
where I run by my feelings 
and nothing else.

geena d. romantic poet; 23nov2018


I turn you into a song, a sonnet, a poem
Time as my witness an affection has grown
Simple treasures in place of their glow
would find you then and think of home.

To stage my truth I give you words
to plead for love I give you words
to say I cherish I give you words;
this cluster of letters I come here for
in no other manner will I know how.

– geena d. romantic poet, 11aug2019


beads tethered way back
along with tired old verses
tossed into the waves…

— geena, haiku, 18april2020

Iris on my palm
his blue eyes keeping me warm
reasons flow enough
as dialogues run in mind —
we retrieve what lingers still.

geena, tanka, 18apr2020


Rose of the dark land
incapable of moon love
thrusts thorns that wound deep

— geena, haiku, april 17 2020


Half-heaven half-hell
below an ocean
my words had drowned
Summer is coming
I remain a drifter
fraught in search
of locked-out metaphors
in wait for the rise
of the lacy Sun Drops

— geena 18april2020


You come home tired
and pour yourself a drink
You sit beside me
and tell me about your day
I take the glass in your hand
and put it aside.
I’ve missed you…
gently I shift on to kiss you
Now i don’t drink
yet I relish the taste
of whiskey in your mouth.
Some touches of yearning
intense but sweet
exhale our deepest wants
whilst whispering breaths,
soft names for each desire.
Through the slow caressing of our lips
the spread of love is complete. 

– geena 04july2019


I sometimes ponder on the woman behind
who once had the capacity to love another being.
A shift of mind, and in time, i set about gathering
the necessary, dandy words to fill up my nights, my soul,
from a past and present which have shaded my illusions,
my delusions; in spite of an uncertainty within
whether my heart still possess
the function it has had before.
A wish within was born –
that i may be somehow understood by a kindred soul.
One more rose indeed bleeding from its own thorns
struggling to attain a form of redemption
in the palm of your hand.

– geena, 06july2019


Sweet man from my dream
sole marrow to love songs
I sing through the night.
How this hole in my heart
ploughed by your absence
has turned deep as the ocean
in concurrence with each star
that ignites and falls
over the burden of
those three words
I am forbidden to say.

– geena d. romantic poet; 20april2019


Beneath a clement moon
we join for a liplock of the sweetest kind
then i look at you as we lie down side by side,
‘always’ softly springs out in a whisper
and you curve your mouth to a half-smile
‘Always’ – a silly fanciful notion you say.
My love, do you realize ‘always’ is for real
from the pledge of the earth to the sky
down the winds that bend all the trees;
like the faith of the light from its sun
to the flow of our hearts by the sea.
And you flash another handsome smile
when you feel my palm slide upon your face.
‘Always’ – a term i cradle in tenderness
as i place you between love and forever.

geena d. romantic poet, 24july2019


Resplendent verses on pages
bloom like flowers
from the garden of your heart,
and they’re not for me.
I ponder “what is she like?”
A cold breeze sweeps
into the night.



I created a version of him
whose heart belongs to
no one but me.
He’d ask why, and I say,
‘How is our love unalike
to the vow of faith
among bodies of heaven,
sheer bond of rain to clouds,
vast pledge by earth
unto the flames of the sun.’
For the only thing I know
is the only way I love.

geena d. romantic poet, 22june2019


A faraway look at the sea
a press of heaven
in between longings.
She is homeless in the land
but is sheltered in the sky.
Gently touching her scar,
the heart of mark that says
“you can come back to me”
geena d. romantic poet, 30july201

I am often someplace where poetry cannot reach
I sit by the veracity of a single star
the footsteps I’d left in hallways I couldn’t hide
every candle emits smoke in ghost white
which explains my fickle struggle as a poet
No muddy waters run through my river
the profundity of these feelings I’m bound to clear
before I empty them out into your sea.

– geena d. romantic poet, 2018


What aim could I harbor when I cross miles
through notes of love that I place in the palm
of a man who pulls heaven to lay near my mind?
Must I revel in opulence from the verses we blend
and take in the essence of his songful breath
till the sum and substance worn out of feelings
become fluent from its past, empty for a future.

geena d. romantic poet, 08march2019


I’m bereft for words since
an absence of affection
of moments not missed
embody afflictions
like thorns in my bones.

What one more beacon
sinks in rust
when you can’t name
a single heartland where
you haven’t felt my love.

– geena 20dec2018

Hear yellow laughter
a sunflower gets devoured
feeling its last worth

— 10nov2018 haiku


Search no fiercer minds
strong twigs of thought, of craft
have fallen from weaker branch
raising bland commodity
for bloated community

— 10nov2018 tanka


Thoughts lined-up in sky
mixture of your heart and mine

– 09nov2018 haiku

From opposite sides came you and I
we raided hearts as a way of life
If you were right had I been wrong
in the game of love I’ve yet to know
What didn’t grow need not be spoken
What was lost cannot be written
Had you asked for one more line
I would have said in time, in time.

– 03nov2018

Cave of endless tasks –
residence of sweet-hushed souls
roaming divine worlds
– 30oct2018 haiku
Mooning over you
a letter laced of honey
flies off at daybreak
– 05july2018 haiku
I know whereof I speak
in discerning what I’ve come to seek
his scent, his sigh, his touch,
my light, my heart, one love.
– june 2018
nameless diary
heavy of dark sweet secrets
girl’s harbor through time
— 29june2018 haiku

What do you remember on that day?
“His blue eyes that speak of a good life and his few regrets.”
What was he like?
“Cool and gentle as rain. Dawn and dusk in one.”
And if you came face to face with him again?
“I’d thank him for the moonlight and the flower that I was inside his realm.”

– 20oct2018, in honor of a Mary Oliver poem


My heart recalls the days
when I found a certain home in a place
where I could write what isn’t real,
where I could touch the sky and
the earth by the sea without apology
because you were there.
When my moments with you
would shape an affection which
would make me write what isn’t real,
a figment of the mind worth more
than all the gold in this world for me.

– 19oct 2018

Because I’ve sealed you within my words
no purer heart has incurred a deeper wound
The sky can’t compel what you don’t feel
if someone else owns your heart in this realm
I’ll come to know another meaning of survival
when my sensibilities finally part from you
An ending to what was beheld quite precious
the whole time you had walked inside my room.

– geena, 01july2018


If I could name the fragrance from my fingers that touched your face
my plush words to build this realm would be complete.
Like timeless pieces of myself I would like you to have
they will linger through the lungs of our lyrical breaths.

– geena, 22may2018


I’ve no skill, no gift, no firm predilection for verse assembly
as if i were trudging 
across a hall filled with unknown faces,
sweet unfamiliar music. But i’m doing it for no other reason
to be able to walk up to him, take hold of his hand
and lead him 
for this one slow dance with me.

– april 2018

The moon has called her back to you on a quiet evening
She begins to piece a hem that makes it worth remembering 
You take her by the hand, you enfold her in a careful embrace 
while feeling the night through the gentle demise of your own affections.

– geena, feb 2015

For every stirring line that i write
for every radiant sun that has set
my heights will reach for no end.
As I’m no Virginia
I could only remain one
and simple for you. 

– geena, may8,2018, revised journal entry

My train of words will carry all the tender
and supreme ways I wish to love you,
without permission nor discourse
unto reasons I can’t renounce you.

geena, june2018

What brings me here
is your hand by my heart
opening gates of heaven
your essence by my paradise
full certainty inside

— 09jan2019

tainted of deep marks
punctured by circumstances
pearl drops from lost sheen

— haiku, 18apr2020