Prague will have to wait then


The original plan was for me to visit Czech Republic and three or four of its nearby countries this year but the travel agencies have been raising their prices and peso to dollar is on its way up, too. I should’ve shopped for an Eastern European promo tour like I did for my Norway trip. Why didn’t I… Drat…I really wanted to see Prague.

I guess I’ll have to wait until next year. Meanwhile, I’m on tenterhooks as to who will win the U.S. Presidential race. My heart will break badly if Trump loses but even the headlines here are anticipating a Clinton victory. Drat drat drat.

And, yeah, I should get busy writing again.



Happy Birthday Dearest One


I used to think I was a much better parent to my child than you were to me. But I’m beginning to discern it may not be so.

Remember the time you told me how things would be better if I’d soon settle down again with someone – just anyone, you said – with whom I could spend the rest of my life with? Amusingly appalling, I thought, because we’d always been confident about our kind; at the same time I could sense you were plain worried of me ending up completely alone when you aren’t around anymore. You even made my son promise to you never to leave me ever. And we both believed him — yet he left a few years after. It became one more testament as to the only person who truly cared for me after all.

I also remember the moment shortly after you were gone, when this other daughter of yours had tried to talk me into shifting my devotion – and I turned speechless; it was not because I didn’t know what to think: She simply stood no chance of convincing me; how it was such an impossibility. Others would differ in their opinion as to my decision, but they didn’t know our history. They’d never come to know of or comprehend my feelings.

Secretly, I still carry the pain of your absence. The pain I’ve learned to conceal behind my every smile; ensconced with the same grief which I make sure descends beyond the perception of my external world. I’ve gotten used to doing just fine dealing with my reality – with the notion nobody understands and will ever understand. Silence has been more comforting anyway.

There are times I realize the tears aren’t solely caused by the sadness of missing you. I’m being sustained for the love I keep — sinking deeper with the time, with my memories of you — the kind I’ve kept neither those light nor dark hours could reach.

Now more than ever, it’s become all so clear – how it has finally dawned that your final resting place is inside my heart.

Happy Birthday, my dearest one.



lovely brief September tale

Sunny charm. Vibrant smile. Wonderful presence. It took me a li’l while to really appreciate them all. You may not look like the ideal prince a girl falls for. But what a guy.

I’ve long forgotten how a man could be capable of treating me with pure designs of friendship, with tenderness, and a gentle comprehension of what I truly am. For so long I’ve gotten used to the usual opposite gender’s conceit, sluggish mean spirits and shady intents.

It seems this Scandinavian paradise is granting me more than just a view of its celestial backdrops.

Same age, same situation — yet we came from different worlds. You easily surrender to the radiance of a single moment. The light of the sun comes across whichever path you walk through. You can surround yourself with equally amiable acquaintances you’ll sincerely consider and embrace as family in a matter of days. That much faith in life and in people is something I quite lack or may have lost somewhere in my past.

You said you’re perplexed by the fact I’ve been using my camera at each chance, leaving no occasion for interaction with you and the rest of our mates. I smile and mutter some lame reason and ask for pardon, only to excuse myself a few seconds after because I’m constantly on the run for opportunities to take in the vistas, the sounds and sights of the surroundings and its natives at our every destination.

Well, I’m back to my reality now. In my hand is the tiny paper where you scribbled your name and number, recalling that moment when you told me to find you on that social media page. And I did. It surprised me to find the rushly-taken snapshot of us displayed on your timeline. Privately, I managed to explain myself to you – my behaviour during the trip. You said “no worries.” You also said you wish for me to come to New Jersey so you can show me around your city. Then we’ll do New York, Philly, and Boston.

And I thought to myself OMG… What would I say? “Let me think about it” was my response. Although deep down I already knew: It’s never going to happen.

In the few instances we were able to hold a conversation, you seemed to grasp the kind of nature I keep that the good soul in you has been trying to understand.

I wonder how long it’ll take before you realize how utterly broken I am. Will you be able to carry on looking at me with those kind blue eyes and undertake to scoop me up with your warm benevolent ways?

In the end, I guess you will never know how you will forever be a beautiful part of this whole experience. An exquisite cherished thought in the serene realm of this September tale.


My most favorite from Lionel Richie became a song I lovingly dedicate in memory of my father. His birthday is coming this October.

Norway vacation (5)

Vacation pictures again — ad nauseum, I know i know. But I’m not in the mood to write and I have to store my vacation photos somewhere so bear with me. 🙂

Ferry rides and cruises are a must when traveling around Norway to enjoy its scenery
I don’t know about them but it becomes chilly every now and then.
that’s leftover ice from winter on top of the mountain


outside Oslo City Hall
the biggest stave church in Norway with the cemetery in front
Okay, so I got fond of taking selfies I confess.
the prettiest policewomen patrolling around Oslo city centre








Btw, Norwegians like to eat fish which is quite fine with me.


their desserts were to die for.

Norway vacation (4)

I was happy in Norway — a truly spectacular place
the Flam Train I rode in
Norway has a lot of beautiful waterfalls, small and huge


the bar in one of our hotels
one of the trains in Flam
some buses are actually mini-trains following a trail
McDonald’s in Bergen. Its exterior doesn’t look like the one we have here.
people waiting for the bus
I thought the elevator at Clarion Hotel in Oslo was fabulous
I was given a tiny (single) room twice or thrice — so it was messy. 🙂
during our many journeys the roads were always clear. Amazing.
in rare occasions that there’s traffic


breathtaking with the mist all over me
one of our many stopovers to enjoy the waterfalls
part of the lobby inside one of our hotels
outside the Glacier Museum
the hotel has a small conference area with a fantastic view


This dance song has always been a favorite of mine from the disco era. What surprised me was everywhere I went in Norway, they were mostly playing music from the late 1970s and the 1980s. I heard this one being played in one of the restaurants while I was outside strolling around Oslo city centre one night; now it’s become more meaningful and special for me.

vacation in Norway (3)


a very lovely Lake Mjosa near Lillehammer, Norway





two beds for just the single me? Oh wow. Just wow. I fuckin love it. 😀


inside the Glacier Museum
inside Qatar Business Class Lounge; the ceiling was so pretty.
the dude who fried and scrambled my eggs. Literally. 😉
I had delicious meals throughout the week; this was just breakfast.
Buffet breakfasts and dinners. What more could I ask for?.