Journal Writing through the years — facebook comment

I love writing, especially journal writing. Some of my best pieces (particularly in letter form to someone I’d cared about — admittedly a handful, from then till now 🙂) I wrote during the height of my emotions. My compositions either made me cringe or laugh after time would elapse. Very few I ended up tossing but most of them I still keep for sentimental reasons. One other fact: Maintaining a blog for more than a decade helped me realize I feel further at ease disclosing my secrets and expressing my inmost contemplations to scantier online followers I’d never get to know. Paradoxically, for my more acceptable creative writing attempts, I had sought online acquaintances (over diff time periods) to serve as my single reader.

Happy Birthday to me!

Best year of my life so far. New leaner look with more energy and less aches. I look forward to enjoy more years ahead.

Another year older yet I’m at my happiest on this special day of mine. Who would’ve thought I’d last this long on my own?

I ain’t religious but only a most powerful force who has looked over and protected me all this time could’ve made all this possible. Thank you, God.

Merry Christmas!

My Facebook post today on Christmas day.

I’ve always loved Christmas season. Currently celebrating as well my new much leaner physique which I owe to a healthier-eating lifestyle. Oh how I have grown older, and admit to employing my phone’s facial filter function 😄. But on the whole, I’m a lot happier and I look forward to the years ahead.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🌲🍷

Back Again to 2016

Nothing has changed. WIN or LOSE, my love and support remain with Donald Trump.

I’ve gathered a good number of voters are merely bent on voting him out. The same anti-Trumpers who had predicted a Hitlerian rule — that never happened — and to this day keep forcing themselves to believe the current president is racist.

What we see from our side of the globe instead is a U.S. leader who has been working hard to deliver and fulfill his promises to his people while battling disrespect from critics and opponents relentlessly trying to impede his efforts and progress — not to mention the street chaos caused by Leftist brats.

It’s unsettling to grasp how Americans’ plain disdain for Trump’s brash persona might result in the election of his rival who apparently is now an unsuitable contender with past questionable dealings.

I have to express, finally, liberal mainstream media’s mission to dictate and dominate all of America’s surfaces which led to the cruel bashing and biased treatment of the president is extremely detestable.

Frankly, I’ve neither prayed for nor supported this hard any presidential candidate before and I’m not even American . To think I wasnt also any sort of a Donald fan prior to his running for the highest office.

I simply like him and believe in him.

Once again, as in 2016, the best Christmas gift I could only want would be Trump’s success in his re-election bid come Nov 3rd.

And if that won’t happen, in my heart Donald Trump stays forever. I’ll be consoling myself with the fact he got to be #45 — a president who refused to be boxed in his duty to put his country first.

Been Concocting a Few Edibles

Nope, I’m not crazy about cooking. But delicious food here cost a fortune. Since I’ve been craving and dreaming of food night and day after my weight loss, I decided to try my hand at cooking and food preparation while I’ve got time to spare. I looked into the recipes I filed a long long time ago and consulted YouTube for this mission. Also, I availed of much cheaper ingredients. Have had moderate success with spaghetti, cheeseburger, pizza, french toast, and the local dish adobo. Failed miserably at my cinnamon venture (I’ve been jonesing for Cinnabon). No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make the dough. So for pizza, I ended up buying store-kneaded ones.

If you buy restaurant pizza, toppings are minimal you basically just get bread. I wish I had done this much sooner. Though mine still needed improvement: Should’ve added more tomato sauce and quickmelt cheese. It was fine bcz the reasonably-priced dough tasted good.
My very 1st try. It was exciting 🤩
Macaroni and onions. Not bad. I’ve always loved pasta. I put butter, mayo, and sprinkled a little salt. Mmmm…
Famous Filipino dish: adobo. Delectable.
My fruitcake attempt. I don’t have an oven so I steamed it. Well, not a good idea coz the flour simply expanded. It was a pleasure nevertheless — the fruit cocktail and the whiskey I had poured in it provided flavor, even though I don’t drink at all.
My inferior version of tiramisu. It was yummy for me by reason of the substantial condensed milk in the mixture. Ha ha. My sweet tooth…

I wasn’t able to take photos of the spag and cheeseburger. Next time I will.

Yeah yeah, I’ve yielded to these sinful gustatory pleasures. But since I’ve gotten quite skinny due to intermittent fasting and low-carb consumption, I figured I’d just go back to starving myself after such decadence.

End Of One More Era

End of June this year, I folded up the source of livelihood I had run for more than 20 years — which makes me one of the many thousands of casualties of the current pandemic. I feel some relief it’s finally over nonetheless. I’ve never been proud serving as some kind of middleman for a gambling trade — even if it’s very much legal. This time there’ll be no turning back.

So what have I been doing these past few months? Not much. Just chilling out at home. It’s safer and cheaper. Oh and I’ve lost considerable amount of weight I’ve gotten virtually skinny. Never thought I’d become this light, even my hips and legs have decreased in size. Amazing. All because I discovered and have been following a lovable doctor who’s turned into a You Tube sensation — Dr. Eric Berg. Learned from him a great deal about intermittent fasting and very low-carb eating style. It worked for me! Many of my aches and pains disappeared, too. No doubt I look older now — an inevitable consequence of being skinny; yet I feel quite fine.
It’s like I’m a new person. Old job is gone and so is my old weight. Hah.

Don’t ask yet what my goals and next steps are. Everything’s up in the air. In the present condition we’re in, lots of things are uncertain. Maybe next year I’ll map out a definite life plan for the coming decade.

It’s nice to do a little bit of writing today. I admit my heavy loss yesterday brought in feelings of despair and sadness again — after their long absence. Events like this never fail to exhume old hurts over knowledge of sufferings gone through by whatever or whoever that’s dearest to me.
I’m gonna be okay though. As if I had another choice.

Oh I feel a little better when I come here — home of my heart and soul.

Rest in Peace, my dearest Cobey

It’s actually my brother who owns Cobey. I don’t take care of dogs anymore because I live in a very tiny apartment which has no space for pets. Although I do have a cat that roams around inside my house so you could just imagine the few inconveniences for more than 16 years.

Cobey lived in my parent’s house which has been occupied by my brother and his family. I just love Cobey. And this morning, he passed away. My brother didn’t inform me the dog hadn’t been eating for days until last night when I asked how things are on Messenger. I was just about to go out to visit Cobey this morning when my brother called up to say the dog is gone. I was crushed. I cried so hard and wailed more, like a little girl, as soon as I sat down beside Cobey’s remains. I’ve been crying the whole day.

Many people here hardly comprehend what I’m made of. And I’ve long accepted I’m a different breed. The pain of losing Cobey today opened up long-buried sorrows from my dog-caring era. I guess my brother’s partner, my niece, and my little niece were surprised to see me weep that much. But it’s just the way I am. The last time I sobbed this way was (apart from my father’s demise) eight years ago when another pet dog of my brother died — and I was informed only after more than a week had passed. It devastated me enormously bcz I loved that previous dog (sweeter one) more dearly (His name was Murphy though I lovingly call him Doggy-dog).

The previous month, a flood of memories swept through me one night in bed — thinking some of my former pets that suffered before their end. Harrowing stuff from my yesteryears I wish to lay to rest and wouldn’t want to recall so I could get on with my life. Yes, if those difficult moments would rush in my mind, they still would hurt like hell. Again, it’s just the way I am.

My love for animals and pets is of the highest form. Above anything or anyone in this world. I don’t expect people to understand that. But it’s something everyone must know about me. In the past, I wished I weren’t this kind of person. But now I am certain, more than ever: it’s a truth I am proud to carry until my very last breath.

Rest in peace, Cobey. You also will never be forgotten. Now that you’re in animal heaven, give my love to Whitie, Doggie, BJ, Stacey, Champ, Lacey, Kim, Jokat, Skippy 1&2, your pal Doggie-dog — as well as all the others up there. I love you all so much. I hope to see you and be with you all there someday.