Facts of My Existence

  •  I’ve always been a city girl. A nature-lover city girl.
  • Any plate of pasta: spaghetti, or baked macaroni, or lasagna can make my day. Yum yum..
  • I was a hypochondriac in my early teens. I imagined ailments that never even existed. One of my neuroses, I guess.
  • Helen Gurley Brown remains as one of my all-time favorite role models. Smart, funny, driven. She had always been way ahead of her time. I purchased all her semi-autobiographical books. My favorites have been: “Having It All” and “The Late Show.” Fascinating lady.
  • In a parallel universe, I am a babe who could ride like the wind in a cool motorbike; starring as a protagonist in a Quentin Tarantino action-packed movie; locking eyes and holding hands with Val Kilmer on a hot date; and would diligently set aside time in the evenings to pen the most romantic saga ever.
  • I’ve got a thing for musicians. Used to be infatuated with my son’s guitar instructor, regularly went out with my son’s elementary Music teacher a few years ago and most recently, dated an orchestra symphony conductor. Of course, they all broke my heart. Ah, Musicians..
  • State of my confidence: sometimes driven by supreme determination. Other times paralyzed by acute bashfulness.
  • had an on-off tempestuous relationship with my mother. Our characters are just poles apart and we don’t have much in common. We’re okay, but we’ve never been close.
  • I believe the most beautiful women in the world include: Sharon Stone, Salma Hayek, Nicole Kidman.
  • Guys who appeal to me physically: Chris Hemsworth, Joshua Jackson, Guy Ritchie, Sean Bean. Okay, so I like men. Sue me.  🙂
  • The love of my romantic fantasy life: Christopher Mitchum. Most adorable guy ever. I was barely 13 years of age when I wore 3-inch heels and long over-sized dress – with matching big eyeglasses – so that I could get inside a movie theater to watch this angel-faced action star in an R17 action-packed movie.
  • Loyalty and honesty mean a lot to me in my friendships.
  • My favorite colors: white, red and brown (in that order)
  • I am an evening person and a self-confessed insomniac.
  • Ain’t poetic. I prefer the poems inside the lovely lyrics of a song –  harmonizing with the melody.
  • trying to commit myself to living a more joy-based life, even if it merely lasts for the length of a daydream.
What is there not to smile about these days?


14 thoughts on “Facts of My Existence

  1. Totally with ya on the pasta! A common meal for me is angel hair with just some butter, spices and Parmesan cheese.

    Are you a Tarantino fan, or do you just like the imagery of being a bad-ass super chick? Val Kilmer; you have good taste. Very talented actor who has sought out some very odd roles. Funny you mention Stone and Hayek! They’ve both been on my “List of Three” and all three have impressed me with their acting ability.

    Are you an evening person like me in that you get a second wind when the sun goes down? My ex-wife claimed I must be part vampire, and I don’t think she was referring to the neck biting. I’ve been a night person since high school.

    But what really caught my eye was the last bullet about joy. Life can be tough, even awful, but it’s funny how one can find moments of joy always. Even the worst dung heap can have little diamonds in it. Of course, so much of it is in how you approach and see life!

    • Anything from the pasta world, I am willing to eat, WS. Fettuccine, spaghetti, lasagna, carbonara, baked macaroni, oooh yum yum…
      You’re right. Maybe I’m more of captivated with the imagery of super bad-ass chick. Some of Tarantino’s movies I ain’t fond of.
      I’m kind of still holding out for Val Kilmer. You’re nearer to him so could you please help me out and set me a date with him?
      I forgot to include Milla J on my list. Sharon Stone first impressed me with her beauty in “Total Recall.”
      How do you cope with getting up early in the morning if you’re a night person? It’s never been easy for me. Is there a chance you’ll be talking about your romantic history in your blog?
      You do have a wonderful way of crafting your words.
      Thank you for all your lovely comments.

      • It’s interesting to note that her appearance in Total Recall pre-dates many of the films that really made her so famous (such as Basic Instinct or Sliver). I was really impressed by her acting ability in Last Dance and Gloria. Beautiful women are a dime-a-dozen in Hollyweird, but when they can act, that really stands out. Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz both stand out that way. They’ve both taken a number of roles where looks were not the point (and in some cases were obfuscated—Theron’s Monster being perhaps Exhibit “A”).

        As for getting up early… I try to avoid it. 😆

  2. I’m thinking, you may need to edit the above a little, as the last post, the poem, has scaled up big time from the humble beginnings to your style so long ago. Yes, you have style, Marj.

    • What you just wrote here tickled me pink. Coming from a natural poet with a style that sets you apart from the rest. I’d like to be able to write more stuff like the one you mentioned without categorizing it as a poem because I really am no poet. But you know I suddenly feel the need to write amorous lines when inspired.

      • Words are okay, but the more you write, read, and practice different aspects to poetry, then better the potential for improving, also helps if you’ve lived a little too, the everyday kind, as sometimes it makes the best potery. I’m somewhere in the middle 🙂

    • I wish I had a perfect song that could represent my constitution. My taste in music has been limited to pop or contemporary as I was among Kacey Kasem’s Top 40 baby. In my last year’s post “Music Babe Stuck In The 70s and 80s,” I considered Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” as my personal anthem. But I have a multitude of favorite songs starting from the 1960s onwards. If you’ve got a post that states your own preferences, do tell me please.

      Dear me, I’ve long realized there’s really nothing bohemian in me. I’m just an eccentric, stubborn city lady presently leading an insipid existence :-). A blogpal once called me “a bundle of contradictions” — something I still have to fully comprehend.

      I feel so honored by your presence here, Hariod. Your contributions over at Wyrd’s site, not to mention Doobs’s, were cool and awesome. Thank you so much for dropping by.
      Always looking forward to read anything from you.
      Marj ❤

      • Thank you for your kind and generous response Marj. I must confess it was a rather silly suggestion of mine, as should someone ask of me the same, I would be entirely spoilt for choice and utterly unable to decide. Any one piece is but a partial reflection of our tastes of course, my own ranging from Bach to Weather Report to all sorts of pop and rock and Bach again. 😉 I think that perhaps as with yourself, I too am a ‘bundle of contradictions’, and wonder if this is not perhaps in any case part of what it is to be a human animal? I think it quite possibly is. Being from England, I was unaware of who Kacey Kasem was, so I searched and discovered he was a DJ and actor. I will take a look at the post you mention in respect to music and perhaps leave a further comment there.

        Hariod. ❤

    • Yes, Kasey Kasem hosted “Billboard’s Top 40” on the radio for more than a decade. I’m not surprised that you are a fan of classical music (I’m familiar with a few due to my son’s past piano lessons), considering your upscale level of intelligence.
      My perception is that you are both quite cerebral and humorous. Most importantly, you are a sweet, warm-hearted individual. I’ve visited your site a handful of times since I’ve been awed by your comments in Wyrd’s blog, yet I’ve failed to gather enough guts to make a comment because, unlike your participants, I hardly possess the competence to share any good philosophical insights about deep matters. But I could try one of these days. 🙂

      Again, I feel so glad by your visit I can’t thank you enough.
      Marj ❤


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