A Birthday Greeting for MrMary

I normally go offline during weekdays so I can concentrate on my job and won’t be distracted by the Internet – most especially by the blogosphere. Spending time here -reading and commenting – is one of my current pleasures in life, yet if I don’t watch it, it’ll wreak havoc to my daily routine and schedule. But I had to go online tonight because it’s my blogger pal’s birthday. This friend of mine has been with me here for almost a year now. He’s been like a younger brother to me and I’m sure he considers me like an elder sister. We kind of made a pact in the not so distant past we’re gonna be pals for as long as we can. Well, I’m counting on that.  I guess part of the reason why my camaraderie with him has been, so far, my most successful and the longest one is because we do not take each other so seriously. Sometimes we are there for each other, sometimes we’re not, but the connection stays anyway. The exchange between us has always been lighthearted – not much expectation as what usual friends hold. Nonetheless, we respect each other and try to be sensitive towards what either of us might be going through. Also one of the most intelligent WordPress writers I’ve ever met, this dear friend of mine has recently moved to his new home in New Jersey with his long-time lady. I’m happy for them and wish them quite well.

Dear blogger Dave (of the blog “A Spoonful of Sugar”), this is the poem (if you can call it that) I promised I’d come up with on your birthday. I’ve warned you I ain’t poetic, but just this once, I will be :-). Except for the supposed poem, everything here is extemporaneous. So, bear with me.


You’re a man of a dozen seminal passions

who’s prolific in manner of words and styles

A man full of facets and dimensions

who lets nothing disrupt or colonize his visions.

Yet you haven’t had the easiest life

And have even served time

in the land of compliance

But life keeps on cutting and polishing you

For the promise of better judgment

For the promise of resplendent ideals.

You generously award your trust

along with your graceful heart

for nameless, faceless strangers

in hopes of infinite connections

For fellowships you could only hope

would be beyond superficial.

You’ve inevitably exposed your soul

to the hurts of this world

Because there’s nothing more you’d want

than to belong to the truth.

May you further your flight

by letting more stories happen to you

while strengthening your voice

and defending your insights with fire.

May you be the best guardian

of your heart and choices,

In balancing the act of light and shadow

through the intense art of your ways.

May you be able to battle

the enchanting song of certain sorrows

That I may see you,

my best blogger pal,

integrate your heart, your spirit,

your intellect, your being,

into the finest man you’re meant to be.

You know that with writing,

You and I

may just be bound

in this blogging world we reside

never to part as friends.


Happy 32nd Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life!

My son and I celebrated his 19th birthday just a few days ago. Nothing grand.  And it’s just the two of us which is how it’s always been.

I managed to post some special messages on his FB wallpost. I posted them on mine as well to show the world how much he means to me. And I’ve decided to share them to my readers here as well. Three messages for 3 consecutive days before his actual birthday. Here they are:

1st day

As your birthday approaches, I can’t help but realize how blessed I’ve been to have you as my son. I may not be the best mom in the world but I sure am the luckiest.. Because you’ve always loved me to pieces, inspite of my frailties, in your own endearing ways.

Only in your love can I feel heaven and earth as one..

2nd day

The love that has sustained me all these years is the very same love that will grace my heart for eternity.. Happy 19th Birthday to my dearest son.

I can’t imagine my life without you..

3rd day

I can never know of a love as compelling as a mother’s love for her child. In the same vein that all the love and riches of this world can’t compare to the rapture of holding you dearest to my heart.

Happy !9th Birthday to you, my son.

I’m just so happy to have you near me.


So there they are. I tried my best to my express my feelings in words though my love for him remains ineffable. And it got me thinking these days about how I’ve done in life as a mother. It’s true, I can’t consider myself as one of the best moms in the world for the simple fact that I’m not even fond of children. And I”ve made some mistakes I’m too mortified to confess as a parent.

When I was still a young lady, having children wasn’t among my top priorities. My unplanned pregnancy 20 years ago was sort of an accident. When my marriage ended when my son was barely 10 years old, I wasn’t sure then how I’d be able to cope. Though now I believe I did splendidly. I may not be mother material nor the selfless kind of mom, but I’m not the type as well who would pass my responsibility to others, however heavy it is. And so I carried on all these years with just my strength and determination to finish to the end.

 I’d also like to congratulate my dear son for recently completing his third year in college. Three more years to go including his board review and his studies will be over. Hopefully, we’re gonna do just fine. What matters now is just for us to be able to get through. Yes we’ve been through a lot. Hopefully, everything is going to be okay as long as we are still safe and in good health. All I can say is God has been good to me and I thank Him endlessly for giving me my son. There’s really nothing more I could ask for.