Verses of Love For All the Wrong Reasons

I decided to post here the mini-poems I managed to come up with late last week hoping it would make up for my failure to write some prose this past weekend. Three different collection of verses, namby pamby still but nonetheless coming straight from my heart.


Life isn’t fair at times

whenever I start to think of him,

This heart that longs for him painfully

as both time and this world

have long since conspired

never for us to meet.

What good is there

to have found him now?

How will he know

the depth of my love

when there’s not even a chance

that I can gaze into his eyes..

Never will I be able to hold his hand

Never can I touch his face

Never will I be able to pull him close to me

so I can wrap my arms around him..

Life isn’t fair at times

when no other man will do..

Consuming my thoughts

and everything that I am

He owns my heart forevermore..



When love befalls you for all the wrong reasons

There’s no way to choose who your heart will ache for

And if fate would summon me to love him in another time,

By all means will I do so without asking why..  



Something in the rain

has touched my memory

a vision I must have dreamed

from the past.

It made me stop and stare

and then I lost him

Was he even really there?

Though I needed it the most

I must have been afraid of getting close,

So it seems my life has been spent

waiting for that love,

But when it comes

I tend to turn and walk away..