And The Winner Is…

What can I say, it’s our current delight and pride here — the new Miss Universe comes from the Philippines. It’s been a long wait: Forty two long years for the 3rd one to make it. Imagine that.

Since I grew up in a family that puts external appearance of a woman above all her other qualities, beauty pageants used to fascinate me — so much. Physical attractiveness was impossible to eliminate on my list of must-haves for a female that I’ve always aimed to score at least fairly both on the looks and smarts department my entire life — uh, without great success, of course.

Anyway, last week during lunchbreak with my netbook at the workplace,

The filipina is pretty enough to deserve the title, you see.

the drama that took place during the coronation of the Miss U pageant I found equally stupefying and exhilarating. Because Steve Harvey’s gaffe no doubt humiliated Miss Colombia and at the same time robbed Miss Philippines of her moment.

I just have to post the photos here minus the unnecessary description of what happened as the whole planet had already become witness to the most awkward moment in the history of this competition.


How could he have let this happen?

The blog universe must also have its own beauty contest. I will surely join. And this is what’s gonna happen in the end: “And the Miss Blog Universe crown goes to……. Miss Bohemian Sentiments!”  

Yeeeehaaa!!! (clap clap clap)

I’ll accept the bunch of flowers, wear the sash, and have the crown on top of my head — while wiping away my tears of joy, waving my hand to all of my dear cheering co-bloggers.

Just make sure no Steve Harvey is going up the stage to do some reversal of fortune.



That's me barely 10 years ago. Just kidding....
That was me barely 6 years ago. Just kidding….