Ode To A Beautiful Writer

My thoughts rise with the night

and you are the secret glow within

from where the light of these words flow

your sensibilities, your solitariness

the scars in your heart,

raw, ruthless, lingering

like the breath of a storm

that eases no tide against

the expanse of slumber, sorrow, or hope.


There are times I can’t grasp the strength of your prose

but then, no sky is bereft of its beautiful lightning

even the stars have become more captivating

when shining above the metaphor of your passions.


Still, I would want nothing

more than to see you heal,

lose the impulse that leads to your fall in spirit

as your sentiments and stories grow incandescent

when you walk between the streets of love and pain.


– geena, january 2016


Verses of Love For All the Wrong Reasons

I decided to post here the mini-poems I managed to come up with late last week hoping it would make up for my failure to write some prose this past weekend. Three different collection of verses, namby pamby still but nonetheless coming straight from my heart.


Life isn’t fair at times

whenever I start to think of him,

This heart that longs for him painfully

as both time and this world

have long since conspired

never for us to meet.

What good is there

to have found him now?

How will he know

the depth of my love

when there’s not even a chance

that I can gaze into his eyes..

Never will I be able to hold his hand

Never can I touch his face

Never will I be able to pull him close to me

so I can wrap my arms around him..

Life isn’t fair at times

when no other man will do..

Consuming my thoughts

and everything that I am

He owns my heart forevermore..



When love befalls you for all the wrong reasons

There’s no way to choose who your heart will ache for

And if fate would summon me to love him in another time,

By all means will I do so without asking why..  



Something in the rain

has touched my memory

a vision I must have dreamed

from the past.

It made me stop and stare

and then I lost him

Was he even really there?

Though I needed it the most

I must have been afraid of getting close,

So it seems my life has been spent

waiting for that love,

But when it comes

I tend to turn and walk away..


Some More Silly Verses from Yours Truly

Okay, so I’m still keeping some more of the silly verses that I came up with several years back when I was still high in love with an ex-boyfriend. I’ve had second thoughts about publishing them here because they’re too mawkish. But I figured, what am I gonna do with them now? Might as well share them with my readers even if they end up assessing me as obsessive compulsive (just a bit, really) during my romantic relationships. I refused to take a look at these silly verses for quite some time because the thought that I actually wrote them for “those morons” makes me feel like a moron (a thousand times) myself. Eew. Aside from the fact that I find them extremely corny and cheesy now. Oh well.. Maybe I should have waited for Valentine’s Day, but I simply want to send them out in the ether. Just to get it over with.

Here goes..


Fate may deny me the chance

To lay my eyes on you once more

But eternity will grant me the privilege

To keep you in my heart, for always..



No star can make me gaze at the sky above

As I could only wish for a shooting star,

So rare yet spectacular,

To remind me of you..



I catch every little stardust

That falls from the heavens

And I clutch them close to my heart

As they slowly spell your name..

Then I no longer seek the reasons

Why my heart could long this much..



The struggle to find the love

That I could never seem to find

Illuminates the truth

In the fragment of time

When I most wanted and needed you..


Silly Love Poems from Yours Truly

My my, what a surprise! My post “Idiomatic nut”, garnered the highest views so far. I’m totally puzzled. I mean I’ve had far more interesting and better-written posts than that. I guess some surfers were misled by the title thinking they could get some substance about the topic. Now I can only imagine the horror on their faces after reading it. But it delighted me nevertheless. Imagine, 37 (unsuspecting) viewers bothered to click open my blog in one day. Cool..

This time, I’m posting a few of the mini love poems I wrote some years ago when I got infatuated with my son’s guitar teacher. I was already in my late 30s then but what the heck, I was in love(?). The feeling of course has long been gone but the poems remain. And I don’t mind sharing the verses to you now. Just keep in that I’m not a poetic person and I’m not even into reading poems at all. I don’t know what got into me years back to write these verses, but I guess that’s just one of the mysteries of love. So let me start.. (they’re all untitled, by the way)

I may not have the beauty, riches or intelligence

that can make up for my fading youth..

But the one true thing I can hold onto                       

 is the memory of the way I have cherished you..


The clouds that gracefully drift by

 in the hue of the pale blue sky

can never be as breathtaking

as when I close my eyes and remember your face..                    


There was this moment

when I laid my eyes on you

and touched your face gently..

Then I woke up to find it was just a dream..

But how it made me smile,

 and put the sun to shine right into my heart..


I wish there’s something I could say

about the beauty of a broken heart,

 but all I could feel now

is the melancholy it brings

to my whole being

 for letting you go..