randomly out of touch

Missing the nighttrain that could transport us to a past

from the same unfeeling hearts

that repeatedly walked up the spiral of emptiness.

Backward in sentiment, undemonstrative no less

by new regions formed

in comfort, in warmth, in mystery

why fumble for certainty

at something you and I have no liberty to know.


– geena April 2017


Recent FB post: me and my boyfriend — a match made in the galaxy 😍. But there’s no way telling Mr. Starlord — or we’re finished. 🤣

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A once upon a time favorite from JLo:
I’m happy to say, in a lot of ways you changed me
Makes me smile/ when you said you were glad the day
you found me
I’m wishing away/ any harm that might ever find you
Heaven knows, I really feel I’ll always be your girl.

Women Kicking Men’s Asses, In The Movies That Is.

I chanced upon a humorous article once that states female soldiers should not join male soldiers in the battlefield as there’s a big possibility that during heavy action, a lady commando might accidentally mow down half of her comrades in the platoon because of her sudden strong emotions or wrong premature instincts. That got me really laughing and at the same time, I couldn’t have agreed more.

That brings me to tell you about the movie that’s slated to be shown here this week. Steven Soderbergh’s “Haywire” starring martial arts expert Gina Carano boasts of another electrifying tale of espionage and betrayal.  I’m sure it’s gonna be a highly entertaining film as it caters to gals like me who are suckers for female heroines that fearlessly engage men in duels or various kinds of all-out war. The female protagonist here looks a bit more believable as an action figure.  Strong, sharp and pretty slick. Looking at the stills of the movie though, she looks a little too tough and unfeminine for my taste. But that’s ok. I guess.

Kill Bill, Salt, Resident Evil, Matrix trilogy, Charlie’s Angels etc.. They all feature sexy, beautiful, smart ladies you couldn’t mess around with. I’m thrilled to watch these kinds of movies that have formidable women kicking men’s asses.

Imagine a female James Bond. Wow. Side by side with macho-looking hunks as her love interests that serve as decorations in the movie (He-he). I’d certainly love that. 

 “I am the deadliest woman on this planet.” said Beatrix Kiddo with that stony look in all her glory in Quentin Tarantino’s outstanding action-packed film “Kill Bill.” It’s the ultimate, most appealing line I wish I could deliver stoically to anyone without batting an eyelash. Or bursting into a subsequent chuckle.

By the way, is it women’s secret urge to do battle with and fantasize about victory in the end over the opposite sex? Can’t be sure.

One thing I must say though, majority of the movies of this genre had a hard time convincing me the ladies could single-handedly go to war against an all-men battalion. Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo might be tough but she looked skinny and frail. Yet she was able to maim nearly a hundred samurais dressed in suits who by the way were all below her height and who moved hysterically with their swords like little mad men possessed by evil spirits. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Quentin Tarantino and “Kill Bill” is truly one of my all-time favorite movies.

Lucy Liu’s graceful but nevertheless dangerous moves in her slam-bang movie with Antonio Banderas “Ballistic:Ecks vs Sever” had my complete attention. In the same vein that I watched in awe as Daryll Hannah’s malevolent Elle Driver character in “Kill Bill” do her thing with ice-cold lethal charm. I’m captivated by them all.

Evelyn Salt (played by the slender-figured Angelina Jolie) engaged in martial arts combating burly CIA agents successfully in the movie thriller with her surname as the title. Cool. But deep inside while watching, I was like “Yeah right..  Next thing we know, she’d be lifting an eight-wheeler truck with just one arm.”

Oh so entertaining but oftentimes fantastically unbelievable. Head scratching time for me indeed.

I remember my father making these sweeping remarks, “Women can never be physically stronger than men. These are just silly movies..” And how I believed him. He had always been cynical about it all albeit one of his favorite TV series then was Angie Dickinson’s “Policewoman.” Well..

Be that as it may, let me tell you that in my fantasy world, I am the swash-buckling Milla Jovovich in the movie “The Three Musketeers.” Head strong, driven, indomitable, conniving, calculating, you name it, and incredibly beautiful. So..

Get out of my way, baby..

Sundry Reflections on this Delightful Blog Universe

I confess to the occasional taking for granted on my part the joy our blog world has been bringing me. But a recent happening that left my heart wistful yet smiling sweetly with gladness.. courtesy of this “virtual land” we inhabit as bloggers has got me pondering  how much our blog universe or whatever you call it has benefited our writing skills and, more importantly, our inner lives in a variety of ways.

My original purpose for setting up this blog; To blog my random thoughts about whatever comes naturally with substantial anonymity. It was my son who opened this account for me, which means I didn’t participate much in the details of its creation. Funny that in my earlier years, I managed to complete courses in Cobol and Dbase programming with flying colors, not to mention even attended various mandatory computer seminars, yet these days I get clueless in the latest technology involving cyber matters. Most often, I’m reduced to simply turning on my netbook hoping nothing ever goes wrong.

There are times when I get tempted to include exquisite, eye-catching photos like what the majority of creative and resourceful bloggers do, but I always end up deciding against it for two main reasons; First, I want only my prose to highlight my entry. Second, searching for the right images might take up too much of my time (read: I’m lazy to do it.). Ditto for links and other blogger paraphernalia. Now you know why this particular abode of mine is totally unadorned.

I get to look at Freshly Pressed blog posts once in a while. Some are good, some are mediocre. I mean, maybe they’re not just my cup of tea. And it got me thinking what it would really feel like if one gets to be featured up there. Honestly, I believe it can be daunting. I don’t think I might want that many readers or followers who would expect the same quality of output in my succeeding entries as a consequence. One case in point, a pretty gifted blogger who’s probably a couple of years older than me got to become so popular in the blogosphere after figuring on Freshly Pressed. I began to get enamored of her site that tells about her colorful yet tumultuous life punctuated by her witty and brilliant sentiments on the truths of life, lost loves, passionate romantic encounters, hopes and dreams, and even her bipolar tendencies. Those were her previous subjects. A selected number of her literature had me going “woo hooo..”  Then her writing gradually changed. Until one day she suddenly bid her followers goodbye giving personal excuses about certain family problems. I sensed that she might have felt overwhelmed by the sudden deluge of readers and felt obligated to write more about urm, wholesome topics. I’m still waiting for her to turn up again one of these days.

Different strokes from talented writers with interesting personalities and dazzling writing styles. Oh you’ve no idea how often I get blown away by these delightful circle of bloggers and their incandescent works in the blogosphere. I tend to get absorbed in their stories and perspectives, reading non-stop until my eyes start bleeding from the glare of my computer monitor, or when the intensity of their tales or convictions makes me want to lie down for a while.

So who needs TV when the world of blogging has much more to offer? Definitely not me. Magnificent blogs continue to bloom around everywhere. What a bonanza for readers and writers alike indeed.

That convinces me we’re all fortunate to have each other here.