Brief thoughts on the U.S. Elections


This presidential race has become vicious, not to mention ridiculous. That the press was able to direct the sheep’s attention from a public servant’s official wrongdoing to an eleven-year-old tape of an alpha male brag is just preposterous.

I have wanted to see a woman occupying the highest post in the mightiest nation on the planet. But not this one. Not Hillary Clinton. Why? She committed malfeasance — so technically she’s a criminal. And it’s unthinkable that a criminal gets to rule the world.

Anti-Trump Republicans, Mormons, plaster saints, and other versions of NeverTrumpers seem to be more consumed by their own egos and posturings they keep on sending off their high opinions of their own opinions all over social media, accentuating their IQs and “standards” that, they imply, are too prominent (for them) to support Donald Trump.

Let me insert a massive eye roll here.

But I won’t be giving up on this one, win or lose.

So Trump Will Never Become President After All

It’s getting clear my favorite U.S. presidential candidate isn’t going to make it.

Therefore there’s no stopping the browning of America, too. No border wall is gonna be built. Ever. Illegal immigration will remain out of control.

It seems the Americans simply have gotten so used to their voting ways through numerous generations — in spite of how fed up the citizens are with the system and with the career politicians who have been betraying them by contributing to their homeland’s decay. We’re talking of a country that has been losing its footing as the most affluent and mightiest on the planet; a country where political correctness and obligatory openhandedness have infuriated the silent majority in a progressive order.

Trump’s delivery rankles admittedly.  Sure I winced at some of the things he had asserted to garner free publicity. Yet he could also be the U.S.’s last hope. His passion and love for his motherland might serve well in his vow to make America great again.

The thing is, the game might already be rigged, to boot, as what Fiorina has recently stated. How can a single billionaire go against the pack of (other) billionaires who have always been behind the scenes in running the state?

Same old same old — that’s how it’s meant to stay.

That’s my billionaire boyfriend. Ooops, sorry, Melania. I just can’t help it. 🙂

My Current Fixation on America’s Presidentiables – specifically Donald Trump

The Americans are a truly fine people – it’s what I’ve come to believe my entire life. They’re sensible, friendly, and compassionate (even to, or most especially to, animals) – something I can’t say about citizens of other nations. That most likely explains why I love English — not to mention my passion for reading almost anything in that language.

Recently, while surfing sites on updates about the Bennifer-nanny scandal, the news of Donald Trump’s rise as a Republican nominee caught my eye. Whoa, the first time I learned he’s running for POTUS, I thought: who’d take him seriously? – keeping in mind that Americans are both refined and fussy when it comes to their choice of their number one leader.

A woman becoming the most powerful person on earth has long been an anticipation and I had thought Hillary would be the one as she is clearly the most qualified within my gender category. We know now she just might not make it because of the email controversy that’s expected to bring her down — so the wish of mine to behold a woman as U.S. Chief Executive in the near future has been scratched of late. Ah, not easy…yet we ‘gotta move on.

donald trump

Back to my favorite subject: During the very first few weeks after his official announcement he’s targeting the most powerful seat in the world, the media and the intellectual elites had only ridicule and unpleasant coverage for the Donald. They would even post nothing but unflattering photos of him, the majority obviously intended either to elicit laughs or make him look absurd.

Then came the debate (which I gather he didn’t win) that I wish I had watched, just to get a view of the man and his controversial style amidst the traditional ones.

You see, in my teens I thought “Donnie” was quite appealing. His tall, blonde looks did have resemblance to Robert Mitchum’s son Chris who happens to be my all-time crush. Besides, females generally like their males strong, handsome, rich, smart, and funny. His personal affairs, notwithstanding, which were such a mess plus his penchant for bimbos turned me off. I followed the whole debut series of his Apprentice show, though. I have also consistently thought of him as an awe-inspiring businessman.

Upon catching glimpse of the initial poll results released last July on the standing of Republican nominees, the elitist media and the same people who could only lambast the flamboyant reality star no doubt must have uttered in unison, “WTF, how did that happen?” i.e., while scratching their heads,

In rewind, the following had been a few of the statements which — a number of pundits believe — should have already wiped the brash real estate mogul out of the race:

Mexicans who come to the U.S. are rapists…

Rick Perry wearing glasses to make him look smart is not working.

Megyn Kelly must have blood coming out of her “wherever” when she offended him with her questions at the debate.

Recognizing Mr. Trump’s bluntness and brand of humor, I admit the first two remarks made me really laugh out loud.

Moreover, below are a handful of what his detractors has said about him:

He may become the U.S. version of Stalin and Hitler.

He will make Russia’s Putin look civilized.

Incredible – having Donald Trump and Sarah Palin in one lifetime.

Certain things we must “overcomb.” 😀

Every scribbled comment in defense of the Donald automatically comes from Apprentice alumni Gary Busey and Amarosa.

How interesting it would be to witness Trump coming face to face with the U.N. officials considering his mouth.

What dead animal is that on top of his head?

Aha ha ha…. Never thought the American people are at their funniest in this most interesting times.

trump for president

On a serious note, his rivals claim Trump’s immigration plans are unrealistic. But many believe, including me, it’s pretty much common sense. I say as well, if one’s gonna dream, why not make it big? Especially with regards to benefiting their country and its bona fide constituents – no matter how long the implementation may take.

Many predict he’s never gonna make it, and that the anti-Trump elements would stop at nothing to obstruct his journey toward the Oval office. I hope they’re dead wrong and won’t succeed respectively, as I am one of those who believe he can make a difference. Frankly, is there any one else out there who has Donald Trump’s strength to make America great again?

Compared to our ridiculously unsound government here, I’ve thought the U.S. state of affairs with its politicos are more of run-of-the-mill; only in movies can you make them a tad intriguing. Not this time. Having Donald Trump in politics is beyond America and Hollywood’s wildest imagination.

During bedtime these days, I get engrossed reading article updates on the most popular Republican nominee without leaving out readers’ commentaries; I have to keep alerting myself I need to get up early in the morning for work.

My fondness for the guy keeps on growing. My disdain for political correctness makes me like him more. Yeah, he may not become the next president of the U.S. But what the heck, count me as a solid fan of the guy from now on.