Memoir Pieces


“A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.” ~Laura Gilpin


The Trouble With Me, I Guess

My Version of Brother Sun Sister Moon

An Unforgettable Incident On A Ferry Ride

The Father of My Son

Why I Seldom Talk About My Mother

How Helen Gurley Brown Shaped My Life

A Letter To My Son: This Life’s Sweetest Gift

A Soft Spot In My Heart For Animals

Where Do You Get Your Strength?

The Middle Child and The Intricacies of Favoritism in Family Bonds

I Love My Child In Spite Of…

The Mother That I Was

On Being A Parent

On Being A Parent (2)

Job Years Plus The Teacher That I Was

What She Did For Love

My Romantic History (tongue-in-cheek)

Mommy, Run!

My Short Story with an Elder Chinese Romeo

My Social Prerogative Versus An Occupational Must

An Unexpected and Amusing Incident

Citizens of a Godless World

I Had A Good Time Vacation Travel Photos

One Proud Mom, Although…

I Love Riding The Jeepney

My Lamentation As An Online Lottery Merchant

Mildly Unconventional Highschooler

I Had A Deep Crush On A Girl Yet I’ve Never Been Gay

High School Days Gone By

Solitude On My Own Terms

She Should Have Slept Around

An Unforgettable KInd

My Own List of Unforgettable Events

The First of its Kind Here



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