Educated by the nuns in highschool, now a wanna-be writer with an offbeat personality and social skills bordering on esoteric. As a woman who’s beginning to lose her battle in the highly assailable zone of age and sex appeal, I want to send my thoughts out into the ether with my own brand of narrative.

I’ve been through a lot in life, really. So please go easy on me .

“the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach…when feeling out of sight…for the ends of Being and ideal Grace.” -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

These days I get to do some of the things I like best such as, um, shooting the breeze about all things splendid under the sun.

Now let me get on with this blog on a wing and a prayer.


I’m also keeping other blogs/sites: (links below)

Journal of 8 Cents Or More

Journal of Five Sents Or More

Roman Candle Fire

geena’s diary

10 thoughts on “About

    • Ha ha! MrMary! What a delight to find you here. Your hilariously exceptional writing just rocked my blogging world. I love your style. Do count me as an avid follower from now on.

      Hope you don’t mind the small edit I made. My son might misunderstand. 🙂

  1. I was raised Lutheran (dad was a pastor, in fact), but I went to a Catholic University, so I’ve had some exposure to the whole nuns and priests thing. This was a Jesuit University (the cool priests), so it didn’t live up to the horror stories that some of my classmates told about elementary and high school!

    • I lost track of this one from the tide of responses you sent me a couple of months ago. Changing my theme brought it back to my attention.
      I am grateful for the experience of attending a Catholic school; more so by the fact it’s an all-girl school. I still keep good memories of those high school years, especially with my surrounding’s convent beauty and calm atmosphere.
      You must have had a wonderful childhood and growing up period as you were being brought up by your Lutheran-pastor father, WS.

      • No,… my childhood was neither wonderful nor horrible. The social isolation due to extremely poor hearing and uber-geekiness (and considerable nerdiness and social awkwardness) made much of it stressful and challenging. I was inside my own head probably more than was good for me. But I was never beaten or hungry or homeless, and my parents did love me very much even if they didn’t really understand or relate to me. All in all, it was a wash, perhaps ultimately a bit negative in the balance considering how things turned out.

        (I keep wondering how much of that is from (1) bad luck, (2) non-ideal upbringing, or (3) my own weaknesses and flaws. Some combination, no doubt, but I sometimes wonder if I ever really had a chance.)


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