Educated by the nuns in highschool, now a wanna-be writer with an offbeat personality and social skills bordering on esoteric. As a woman who’s beginning to lose her battle in the highly assailable zone of age and sex appeal, I want to send my thoughts out into the ether with my own brand of narrative.

I’ve been through a lot in life, really. So please go easy on me .

“the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach…when feeling out of sight…for the ends of Being and ideal Grace.” -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

These days I get to do some of the things I like best such as, um, shooting the breeze about all things splendid under the sun.

Now let me get on with this blog on a wing and a prayer.


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More facts about myself:

a juvenile heart still beating inside of me is something I can’t complain about.

the country that gave birth to me harbours citizens who could die for love.

many a time i relish bringing a sentence to its beautiful completion.

More than a few episodes in my romantic past I’ve either regretted or not been proud of.

Some people in my life had deemed me daring, adventurous. Though I would’ve wanted to be a lot spunkier.

my love for animals makes it unbearable for me to witness their pain and demise; losing pets has been one of my biggest heartaches in life.

I wish I hadn’t gotten married and had a child. I could’ve just worked to save money my entire life and gone traveling to my dreamed destinations.

everyone always notices how quiet I am, especially at parties and in group discussions around people I’ve yet to become comfortable with. It took me a very long time to embrace the fact I was born to be a misfit.

In love, my heart completely takes over; even though I would’ve preferred the brain to be more in command.

in my next life, I’d be a female librarian, musician, a great actress, poet.

I thought I knew a lot more today than yesterday, forgetting that in this ever-shifting world, nothing’s a sure thing

I was consistently awarded “Best in Reading and Language” at the end of my every gradeschool years.

every night, the sight of the moon, in whatever shape, grants me joy and serenity.

Nothing could equal a god-given talent for music, in my opinion.

Reading keeps on saving my life.

I want to be loved the way I am able to. If not, I’d rather be left alone.

Forever a dreamer, I’ve kept a fantasy world inside my head for as long as I can remember.

The universe must go on distracting me so I wouldn’t get stuck on my deepest heartbreak — not being able to save poor animals from their sufferings and from being mistreated.

yes yes, away from my reality; definitely no yesterdays on the road, and whenever i’m some place far away.

Thank God for modern poets. I wasn’t cerebral enough to appreciate such a highly-sophisticated art in the past.

some kind of half-goddess half-hell, I sometimes romanticize that I am.

The girl in me refuses to pack up. Nobody, not even in my real life, ought to consider how old I’ve gotten. Comprende?

Might’ve given the impression I’m a strong woman: an erroneous estimation. 

Who’d believe this shy soul once fantasized of becoming a rock star? What unutterable foolishness.

My fascination for astronomy started when I was around 11 years old.

Letting go — of stuff, memories, loves — has never been easy for this sentimental fool.

Trying my best to take good care of my health; my wish is never to become a burden to anyone when I turn quite old and gray.

Grew up as a city gal. But as a lover of nature, I would have been happiest living in rural surroundings.

some souls’ capacity for quick humor is phenomenal. Because I don’t want to be serious all the time. I love to laugh — and I have a weakness for really funny people. 

Give me a rainy day anytime over a sunny day. Summer is my least favorite season. The heat is exhausting.

Have I become a cynic because of my tragic fate? How come I’m not exactly unhappy with the actuality of my solitariness?  It’s so much harder to be around people than to be all by myself.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I have no vice. Oh, but I like sweets and could get addicted to Coke (Coca Cola).

Not having kept childhood or teenage diaries and journals of daily events — including deep thoughts, mundane matters —   in the past   is one of my all-time regrets.

People with strong faith in God are enviable. They seem happier and certain about their fate and existence. Perhaps I’m between being agnostic and an atheist. How I want so much to believe. Just couldn’t get myself to arrive there. 

There’s just no hope for my country when it’s knee-deep in corruption and poverty. Its doom is also attributed to its inhabitants who habitually resist discipline.

With Mills&Boons romance novels as my reading range in my teenage years, no wonder I turned out this much of a romantic mess.

Looking at a dog’s face is sacred. I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful.

That my parents played favoritism among us siblings scarred me for life. I was the quintessential daughter who couldn’t measure up to her beautiful elder sister.

10 thoughts on “About

    • Ha ha! MrMary! What a delight to find you here. Your hilariously exceptional writing just rocked my blogging world. I love your style. Do count me as an avid follower from now on.

      Hope you don’t mind the small edit I made. My son might misunderstand. 🙂

  1. I was raised Lutheran (dad was a pastor, in fact), but I went to a Catholic University, so I’ve had some exposure to the whole nuns and priests thing. This was a Jesuit University (the cool priests), so it didn’t live up to the horror stories that some of my classmates told about elementary and high school!

    • I lost track of this one from the tide of responses you sent me a couple of months ago. Changing my theme brought it back to my attention.
      I am grateful for the experience of attending a Catholic school; more so by the fact it’s an all-girl school. I still keep good memories of those high school years, especially with my surrounding’s convent beauty and calm atmosphere.
      You must have had a wonderful childhood and growing up period as you were being brought up by your Lutheran-pastor father, WS.

      • No,… my childhood was neither wonderful nor horrible. The social isolation due to extremely poor hearing and uber-geekiness (and considerable nerdiness and social awkwardness) made much of it stressful and challenging. I was inside my own head probably more than was good for me. But I was never beaten or hungry or homeless, and my parents did love me very much even if they didn’t really understand or relate to me. All in all, it was a wash, perhaps ultimately a bit negative in the balance considering how things turned out.

        (I keep wondering how much of that is from (1) bad luck, (2) non-ideal upbringing, or (3) my own weaknesses and flaws. Some combination, no doubt, but I sometimes wonder if I ever really had a chance.)


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