Winter season was no joke

Even I am surprised to this day, a week after I arrived home, I was able to make it. The brutal freezing temperature in Europe could’ve killed me. It was suuuper doooper cold. Really. Well, what do you expect, I’m not from the West, I’m a Filipino. We only have the dry and the wet season here.

I’m still not in the mood to write. I’ll just publish my recent post on my FB account. But I’m looking forward to write creatively again. Reading and writing — my other passions beside traveling. Meanwhile, I’m simply glad I came back in one piece. There were times I thought I’d die from lack of sleep, inability to eat by reason of feeling nauseous, and of course, the harsh weather. Brrrr….

Btw, here are the places I’ve been to: Wilderswil Switzerland, Vienna Austria, Prague Czech Republic, Budapest Hungary, Ljubjana Slovenia, Venice Italy, Paris France, Amsterdam Netherlands, Nuremberg, Bratislava, Florence Italy and Rhine Valley Germany.

The experience of my solo voyage, though not easy, is absolutely well worth it. Many lessons have been learned: My first-time encounter with winter, for one, was most challenging and slightly curbed my original plans and the adventurous spirit in me. But whatever risks and complications I faced would always be shoved behind my passion for traveling. The beautiful places, people, and memorable events could only stay unforgettable.

in Vienna, Austria
Wilderswil, Zwitserland
Prague, Czech Republic
Venice, Italy
Prague, Czech Republic
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Snow in Oldtimer Zobern, Austria
Florence, Italy

Of course, more pics to come — whether you like it or not. 😀


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