A Few Thoughts On Blogging

It’s not easy for me to find blogs that cater to my taste. Only a couple of blogs remain that I confess gladly going to. One of them – the “fun” one — which I hadn’t visited for many weeks unfortunately had closed down which came to my knowledge only last week.

I am not into blogging politics. “You read me, I’ll read you” isn’t my thing, which means I needn’t be poked to go to someone’s blog. Popular blogs, silly, interesting fun ones I can endure yet half-baked responses or replies still make me want to puke. Take note: I’ll remain a reader if I like your blog except if there arise reasons to make me stop dropping by regularly.

Blogging friendship? It’s something I don’t believe in. This is a virtual world. Unless your online pal is a neighbor of yours, none of the camaraderie you establish here is real.

And then there are stuff the Internet offers and allows its users embarrassingly. Need a single example? Ok. I’ve had second thoughts about saying this. It’s been on my mind for quite a while yet it took me this long to say it as I may hit a nerve and truly anger “one or two pals”: There’s something not right about men reaching senior age who hang around blogs of teenage girls. Kind of eerie. Yet I have seen it happen around – practiced by some male bloggers. Ruminate on this: What would somebody think if I (were, for example, an exemplary woman of decent taste and all) kept on hanging around a teenage guy’s site that hardly offers anything special?

An astute female therapist I once followed told me I have power of observation that is unusual. That I can easily discern what others don’t. Her assessment was unfolded right after the time when she closed down her blog, opened another with everything changed – yet the new blog had been inserted on a “buddy’s” blogroll that when I clicked and started reading it, I knew at once who the owner of the blog was. Her unique writing style didn’t escape me. I proceeded to email her to ask permission if I could follow her.

I may not be always right in my instincts yet in the end, I’ve had more people saying to me “you’re right” than those who don’t.

At my age, I’m entitled to have opinions and wish to express them here. You already get I am not highly intellectual, my academic interests are limited, my scribbling style on the floral side. Plus this is just another diary of a woman approaching her middle age.

Yup, there’s nothing interesting here. Do not waste even a minute of your time on my blog. It would be best to stick with the words you had once released. Farewell. Adios. Goodbye.

30 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts On Blogging

  1. I stopped “keeping score” or worrying about who follows me. Defeats the whole purpose of writing. 🙂

      • It’s nice “seeing” you on here again…I thought I scared you off or something. (see my half a dozen disclaimer posts…about how erratic my posts are…)

        The big “5-0” is in about two weeks. Part of me wants to come into work and wear all black…seriously. The other part wants to take the whole day off and hide…maybe go on a date with my wife.

        Otherwise, I am still trying to figure it all out. This blog is a double edged sword for me. Part therapeutic and part slippery slope. Slippery where I regress and get depressed again.

        In other words…a typical middle aged man.


      • I understand — the midlife crisis. But you are doing a lot finer compared to others the same age.

        If I were you, I’d choose taking the whole day off and date your wife on that special day.
        The reason I have been fond of your blog is you write like a woman when it comes to your personal life — you give it your all. Readers like me love it.

        I get scared because there have been a few bloggers who visit me so I would go to their site and read something not good about what I had written.
        Will I be safe if I drop by yours again? 😉

        The Last MInute Man will be having a ball — in two weeks, wow….

      • Please come back!!!! (Just ignore the dark places…I have to visit those from time to time…)

        “…write like a woman.” You know….I will take that as a compliment. I had a lot of strong female influences and role models in my life.

        Yes…I was a Grandma’s boy… 🙂

        I will take that day off. I need some downtime…

      • You should have told me sooner to come back. I don’t mind the dark places — as long as it’s not about me. Mine are dark and scary enough :-). Okay, give me time to go over reading your thoughts once again.

        Of course writing like a woman is always a compliment. As I’ve said before, how many men are willing to write about feelings and true personal stuff.

        I do hope there’s nothing much to make you feel down. Like you, I’m stuck with my job and situation. But you have more people in your life. That’s so much better.

        Take good care, Mr. Blue290 (Hey, that’s an awkward name. Can I call you sth else? Got another nickname? 🙂 )

      • You could be referring to following, either in the sense of a follow policy or in the sense of suggesting I stop following your blog.

        It’s possible you’re referring to Sheikah, but if you are, you’re dead wrong on at least two counts.

        Since it’s not clear, and since you claim to be a forthright person, I ask you to clarify your meaning.

      • You are an American. People in your country have more lucid stand on these matters. And as to being clear in trying to stay away from such delicate situations.

      • Your vague, utterly unfounded, accusations of pedophilia are totally off the mark and reprehensible.

        Tell ya what, Marj. Stay the hell off my blog, and I’ll stay the hell off yours.

      • Was I that vague? Now you’re uncontrollably angry.

        Yeah, I got it. I hope you stop getting a kick out of hanging around teenage girls’ blogs and stay the hell off girls young enough to be your great granddaughter.

    • You know it’s not proper to do that. You’re the one who keeps on talking about morality even in your choice of TV shows and all. I just can’t understand why. What do you expect me to think?

      I already saw it then — ages ago. How come it never occurred to you what hanging around a very young girl’s blog might make people think?

      • I don’t need to explain myself to you, Marj, and frankly I don’t know why I’m even bothering to do so, but in respect of our past I will.

        * I don’t “hang around” Sheikah’s blog; she’s one of dozens of people I follow, because…

        * You’re wrong about “hardly offers anything special.” She’s a far more intelligent person than most adults, and she’s a talented artist I watched become better and better. She’ll be one of those people who matters.

        * Her blog is primarily about science fiction and art, both of which are ageless. We speak only of these things. There is no “life connection” or anything improper, because…

        * I’m very aware of the age difference and very circumspect regarding my participation.

        * Following her is strictly based on her intellectual character and artistic ability. Her age and gender aren’t a factor at all. Per my point above, I’d actually be happier if she were much older.

        * Your implication that I get “a kick out of hanging around teenage girls’ blogs” is ugly, despicable, and utterly false. The only “thrill” I get is knowing that not all young people are shallow and stupid. Knowing young people such as her gives me hope that the world might end up in capable hands.

        I think what’s really happening here, Marj, is that you’ve just never forgiven me for that joke I made about “third-world” and which you took so wrongly. I’ve been very aware of your hostility since then.

        A comedian can’t apologize for his sense of humor, especially when the joke was clearly flagged as ironic. I certainly regret how you took it (and had I known you were that sensitive I wouldn’t have made it), but “I’m sorry you didn’t like my joke” has always seemed like a lame-blame apology to me.

        At this point, I think you owe me a huge apology. Whether you’re capable of it will speak to your true character.

    • Don’t worry, I’ll be removing all the comments, yours and mine, about this issue. It’s really none of my business what you do.

      Let’s totally stay off each other’s blogs. My only request: No unpleasant words (even secretly directed towards me) in any of your next posts.

      • You mean like the ones you’ve been apparently directing at me for several posts?

        You’re a real piece of work, Marj. A real piece of work.

      • My last comment came before I read your most recent long comment. Me? A piece of work? Sure it’s me?
        What “several posts of mine directed at you?”
        Stop flattering yourself. I was referring to other bloggers. Not you.
        The joke about Third World — that didn’t really bother me. Honestly.

      • Exactly my point. Prior to that point you were a frequent participant. Afterwards, you largely vanished. Coincidence? I find that hard to believe.

    • I happen to read your earliest comments to Sugar sugar which were almost exact duplicate of your earliest comments to me. Plus you were kinder to them all — who never took the time to read your blog or get to know you or comment on your posts. Especially to Sadie who you really really liked. You’ve been 100 times nicer to them all. You took me for granted and even said not nice things to me.

      • I don’t know why your comment popped up in my notifications queue. It claims the comment was written just 11 hours ago. Weirdness on the part of WP or something you’re doing? I dunno. [shrug]

        But for the record, since this did pop up again, your observations in this comment are factually incorrect in almost every regard. I understand you might think these things, but you just aren’t in possession of enough facts for them to be correct.

        And, Marj… they aren’t correct. At all. In fact, they’re almost exactly 180 degrees wrong!

      • I was busy tidying up my blog this afternoon here and simply rereleasing all that I had hidden before. There had been one or two hits in the distant past so I decided to put them on and off the pending list. No idea whatsoever on my part that it would even catch your attention or appear in your notifications; I’m not at all familiar with how WordPress works. Nobody reads my blog so I thought it was safe to put them back. If it bothers you, I’ll hide them again.

        Wyrd, we’ve already settled the issue. I still am one of your readers and we are on each other’s good side, I believe; regardless of how much we disagree on certain matters.


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