A Long-Distance Virtual Relationship Isn’t Worth It

I will tell it like it is in this post. Gonna be straightforward. No holding back.

The man I’m in an online relationship with is not physically my type. Mainly because he’s fat. He said it so. And he actually is. But that’s the only major flaw I could recognize so far. Because I like him. I even love him. Well, maybe more as a friend. We’ve been connected on fb for 6 years or more and we’d chatted briefly on and off in the past but that’s it. Okay, so there’s one more flaw in him and it’s not about his physique. It’s the fact he’s just like other men. He likes being with women. Sigh.

Our “romance” started when my reconnection with Mr. Poet cum librarian fell apart bcz his keto transformation made him think he’s turned into a sex god he’d want to engage in sex talk with me. When I laughed it off, it made him unhappy and I knew he got pissed off. Look, online sex talk will never happen with me. Even at my age, I ain’t that desperate.

So I knew I lost my reader and poetry mentor in G. I got worried bcz I needed a reader at least. I thought initially of Mr. Cootey — but taking into account his fascination for young Japanese girls, it made me want to puke. I contemplated on my previous blogpals. Then I figured G is married, I don’t want a married reader again this time. I’m left with only Chris. Chris, whom I dropped and blocked a few months ago bcz he seemed to like women a lot he’s been burning the chat aisle for God knows how long and often. Yet I badly needed a reader. So I swallowed my pride and offered peace and made my request. No reply from him for many days. He seemed still miffed I had blocked him a couple of times before. I checked him off the list. Then he suddenly popped and reached out Aug 27 and the rest was history.

He may not be exactly my dream man, yet I’ve come to love him. He’s been attentive and sweet. Having him in my online world has given me inspiration to write again.

Still, there’s this huge issue of fidelity which is important to me. He keeps on saying he’s not fooling around. But let’s be real here: What has been his life before I came in a month ago?

Nothing is real in an online relationship. Who are we fooling… A man who has an internet existence has got all the freedom. And enjoy he certainly will with all the available women on the intrawebz. Sigh.

Anyway, both our status state we’re still together — although I doubt we’d last long. We are definitely headed for a breakup anytime soon. I can’t be in anything that isn’t true. And I do require faithfulness. Because I am the loyal kind.


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